Arrow 3×06 spoilers: Ted Grant accused of murder & Roy tells Felicity about his disturbing dream..

by Sarah Jones
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It’s our favorite time of the week, it’s Arrow day!

Tonight will see the 6th episode of this season entitled ‘Guilty’ and it’s set to be a Ted ‘Wildcat’ Grant based hour, if the synopsis is anything to go by at least. Especially from a Black Canary perspective, we’re very curious to discover more about the man currently training Laurel.

In the meantime, while last week was a Felicity based episode, we couldn’t help but gasp when at the end it was revealed that Roy was dreaming that HE murdered Sara Lance on the roof that night. We need answers pronto and it seems that Roy is about to share his disturbing dream with Felicity.

Head on inside for all the latest on tonight’s episode…

The episode will see Ted Grant accused of murder, when a body is found strung up at Wildcat gym with Laurel’s new trainer being the number one suspect.

In the latest sneak peek ahead of tonight’s episode, which you can view in full below, Oliver is tracking a certain individual beating everyone up pretty bad in the process. As he heads towards the gym, he finds his suspect dead and tied up and at that very moment Ted Grant walks in.

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Laurel and Oliver will be at loggerheads over his innocence supposedly, with Laurel no doubt pointing to the fact she’s gotten to know Ted but will she bring Oliver around to her way of thinking?

The promo for the episode is subtitled “What if your dreams became your reality?” as Roy is disturbed over his dream that he murdered Sara, which he goes on to share with Felicity. How will she react? Will he tell Oliver? Surely it wasn’t Roy who killed Sara, even if he has had his problems with the mirakuru in the past…

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Flashbacks will return and Maseo needs Oliver to recall where an informant for China White stashed ‘key information’. Tatsu will try to jog his memory in the process.

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