Arrow spoilers: New love for Laurel, Tommy in flashback, Emily posts adorable on-set pic & MORE!


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Arrow has always represented its awesome and kick ass women well, and it seems this is set to continue on into the third season with new storylines for Felicity and Laurel. And apparently, Tommy Merlyn will return, but sadly he won’t be back from the dead (unlike his father) as actor Colin Donnell will be back only in a flashback scene.

Meanwhilem Colton Haynes, who plays Roy Harper, has spoken to TV Fanatic about the upcoming season, and specifically about how Roy will cope without his ex, Thea.

Also, Emily Bett Rickards has uploaded an adorable on-set pic of her and new cast member Brandon Routh, who is set to be her love interest this season alongside the ex Superman actor being the boss at Queen Consolidated. Better get moving Oli, before he takes your gal!

TVLine have reported that Laurel Lance’s story is one of the main plots that the writers are excited about this season. Apparently, everything the creators have been preparing for her in the last 46 episodes will “come to fruition”. Does this mean she’ll be suiting up in the famous Black Canary leather then? Well, Marc Guggenheim revealed recently that Laurel will still be in the DA’s office in season three, given that she got her job back.


However, in an interesting piece of news that will please Laurel fans – and probably Oliciters too – she will have interactions with a new character the producers have yet to announce. We wonder who that could be….

For all the Felicity lovers out there, it seems we will finally be finding out more about our favourite IT girl’s past. Guggenheim also revealed that previously, the writers had said they were going to explore Felicity’s backstory but had not gotten around to it. However, this is the year they’re going to do it, and are busy working on the scripts right now. We cannot wait for this – especially as a backstory for Felicity has apparently been in the works for over a year. Will we find out who her father is?

Meanwhile, Colin Donnell will be returning in the second episode of season three, which is intriguingly titled ‘Sara’. In a TVGuide interview Andrew Kreisberg revealed that the flashback scene in which Tommy appears will involve details of how Oliver and Tommy just missed each other in Hong Kong. It’s great that even though Tommy has died in the present day – because there’s so much of Oliver’s story to tell – it gives the actors opportunities to come back in the future. It would be fantastic to see Susanna Thompson, aka Moira, come back in a similar way at some point too.


In other character news, Colton Haynes told TVFanatic that Oliver will continue to be Roy’s mentor and that he will have some “funny banter” with Felicity this season. Given how well Emily and Colton get on off-screen, judging by social media interaction at any rate, we imagine their on-screen chemistry will be epic.

However, it’s not going to be all plain sailing and vigilante stardom for young Roy as he will struggle with last season’s break up with Thea Queen. Apparently, Roy will try to not to think about his ex – if only he knew she was running off with her psycho killer father who was supposed to be dead eh?

Finally, we’re  loving the adorable snap below which was posted on Emily Bett Rickard’s Instagram account featuring her and Brandon Routh on the set of the show.

Supposedly we’re going to see the pair’s respective characters bounce off of each other this season, with a witty side to Routh’s character shining through. Even though Grant Gustin’s Flash survived the passionate Olicity fans, which was testament to how good he was really, Brandon Routh has replied to a fan on Twitter who asked if he was ready for the wrath of the Olicity fans. He responded,  “Just means I’m doing my job right. :)”


When we find out more news about Arrow season three we will let you know. In the meantime, is it October yet? Sigh.

Are you happy to see Laurel with a new love interest? What about Felicity’s backstory? Have your say below…


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