Arrow spoilers: Part 2 of The Flash crossover to air tonight! What’s coming up?

by Sarah Jones
The spin-off show has yet to be given an official title

The Brave and the Bold

After last night’s amazing first installment, Team Flarrow will be back teaming up together in Starling City. It will be a race against time to stop Captain Boomerang aka Digger Harkness, and things become even more complicated when ARGUS and Lyla get involved with proceedings.

So for all you need to know ahead of tonight’s installment head on inside…

The synopsis hints that Oliver, Diggle and Roy are set to track down the location of Harkness but they will be confused when they come face to face with an ARGUS team no less. Diggle will try to ask Lyla just why ARGUS are involved in this case, but before she tells him Harkness will reek further havoc when he attacks a building, killing several ARGUS agents.

Harkness will target Diggle’s girlfriend and ARGUS operative Lyla and this is where Oliver gets involved – with a little help from his friend, The Flash. While Harkness gets away, Oliver and Barry team up again to find him – before he gets to Lyla.

The Brave and the Bold

Things will step up a gear when Harkness plants FIVE bombs around the city, all set to go off at the same time. Both Team Arrow and Team Flash must come together to stop destruction hitting Starling City. Although, we reckon Barry’s super speed may come in handy here right?

Nick Tarabay will play the boomerang wielding killer and we’re already just a little terrified by him! While this may or may not hint towards Captain Boomerang’s future but in The Flash after Christmas, the episode “Revenge of the Rogues” is coming up – led by Captain Cold. However, Captain Boomerang IS a member of this Rogue team in the comics, which also includes Heat Wave.

the flash

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