Ashley Cole parties without Cheryl Cole?

by Anna Howell

Hands up who can actually remember whether Ashley and Cheryl Cole are on or off?

Me either. With a different story about them every day, usually of opposite ends of the scale, it is getting extremely hard to keep up, or to even care.

But it would seem at the moment, they are meant to be back on, although this story suggests that tomorrow’s news will say the opposite, again.

Love rat Ashley is reported to be up to his old tricks (does he have any others) despite several ‘rules & regulations’ being laid down by Geordie Cheryl as to the grounds of their making their relationship work, including hanging their framed hand written wedding vows in their house.

The Chelsea superstar was spotted out on the town without the former X Factor judge, and despite being reminded of the rules before he left the house, he spent the evening surrounded by female admirers at One Four One private ­members’ club in London last weekend.

‘Ashley was on the table near us and he was covered in young girls wearing the usual next-to-nothing club outfits’, a source told The Sunday Mirror.

‘One blonde girl in particular was gyrating all over him. She had a bright blue dress that was so short you could practically see everything.

‘Ashley’s eyes were popping out of his head. He was on his phone quite a bit in between girls dancing for him.’

A report earlier in the week suggested that Ashley had been unhappy with the closeness his ex wife shares with Black Eyed Peas Ash heard about her cosying up to and hit the roof,’ says the source.

‘It was posted on Will’s personal Twitter account, which made Ashley think Cheryl was trying to make a fool of him.’

Should tit for tat be this high on the priority list of a couple who are desperately trying to convince the world (and themselves) that their marriage is worth saving?