B-Box Entertainment Show To Launch On Bebo

She’s fiercely intelligent, has razor sharp wit and is endowed with the sort of quirky good looks that epitomise effortless cool. He oozes playful charisma, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of indie film and is handsome in a clean cut, super hero kind of way. The show is B-Box and the faces fronting the action are Alice Levine and James Cooper. Remember these names because they are about to become the web’s hottest property.

B-Box, Bebo’s brand new entertainment show, launches on January 8th 2009, with pop sensations, The Saturdays, appearing on the debut show. It will then be airing every Thursday from January to June, exclusively on www.bebo.com/b-box. Bebo has joined forces with RDF Digital to produce the weekly magazine show which will highlight the hottest picks in entertainment right now, whilst also turning the spotlight on the best new content on the social media network.

From unsigned acts to hilarious home-made videos, the series will give community members the chance to see their name in lights. The show will also cover newly released films, games and music and allow users to catch up on all ‘Bebo Originals’ programming.

Each episode will feature re-occurring strands, including ’60 Second Celebrity’, where celebs reveal a hidden talent or complete a challenge chosen by the presenters. Available in long form as a 6 minute programme, the show will also be available as 1 min segments, making it perfect snack TV.

In addition to presenting the show, Alice and James will also be involved in writing the material for their sketches. Having contributed to TV shows in the past, they are more than ready to rise to the challenge. Both were discovered whilst studying at Leeds University by the American network PBS, who commissioned them to produce Roadtrip Nation, a documentary spanning their travels in the States and Australia.

James then went onto win Me4 T4, T4’s nationwide presenter show. The equally talented Alice went onto win the National Student Television Award for Best On-Screen Female and Best Factual Programme, judged by 4Talent. Both then joined the ‘A Message From Earth’ project with RDF Digital in 2008, where together, they presented The Launch Pad show that ran alongside the project.

Alice is buzzing with anticipation, “We’ve spent the last few weeks getting ready, James has been trying on checked shirt after identical checked shirt and I have accidentally cut my own fringe at a jaunty angle – what can I say? I was overcome with excitement!”

“We’re both really into music and film and are constantly online watching videos, so really this is the perfect job for us!” James admits, “We’ve both got a similar sense of humour so will no doubt be putting our irreverent spin on all the sketches. I really think this show will appeal to a wide audience. You can be 13 or 30, but there’ll be something in the show that’ll make you laugh or grab your attention.”