Balthazar Getty Not Leaving Brothers And Sisters For Good!

by Lisa McGarry

brothers and sisters: balthazar-getty

There has been a serious case of chinese whispers recently where US drama Brothers and Sisters is concerned, not helped by yesterday’s ‘revelations’ on E!.

E! reports suggested that love rat Balthazar Getty was being forced off the show before the end of the third series as cast and crew grew fed up with his unprofessional behaviour behind the scenes of the show.

However, the LA Times claims that this is only a half story and whilst Gett’s character Tommy Walker will be leaving the series early, he will return for the fourth series after a period of soul searching brings him back from rock bottom.

“Balthazar is taking time off from the show right now because we felt that character was really on a downward spiral and you see him really go on it,” said co-show runner Alison Schapker. “In almost trying to be his dad, he’s destroyed by it, and he has lost everything by the end of the year.”

“Tommy is in no way permanently gone,” she said. “This is just the logical end to this year’s story. What we’d like to do is bring him back next year in a different way.”

I am loving how the third series is panning out on More 4 at the minute and am looking forward to seeing Tommy’s eventual downfall. Already this season he has forced both Kevin and Sarah out of Ojai and ever since his affair in series two we have begun to see a darker side of him emerge. It is no surprise that he would resort to illegal methods to force Holly out of the business as well and I think his move into this darker territory will breath a new lease of life into the series.