Bank Holiday Big Bang Theory Bonanza!

E4 is going The Big Bang Theory crazy as we offer a quintuple-whammy of episodes from seasons one to three this Bank Holiday Monday. As a special treat to all the sci-fi fanatics out there, we have chosen to pay special homage to the eccentric genius that is Sheldon Cooper.

If you’re not up to speed with the award winning US smash hit series, then here is a handy little guide to the Big Bang’s main man. Oh we’re good to you…

The Big Bang Theory follows four supernerds obsessed with comic books as they hang out together competing over their respective intelligence. The socially-challenged scientists prefer to spend their time discussing the rules of physics than interacting with the opposite sex.

Sheldon Cooper was a child prodigy who began college at the age of 11 and earned his first PhD. at 16. A theoretical physicist focusing on string theory, he possesses a master’s degree, two PhD’s, and an IQ of 187. He exhibits a strict adherence to routine and a lacks understanding of irony, sarcasm, and humour. With the help of his equally geeky and odd friends, roommate Leonard, Howard, Rajesh and neighbour Penny, he manages to get through the day without too many awkward distractions.

Jim Parsons, who plays science-mad Sheldon, has won two Emmy Awards for his role on the show, and this year he won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series.

This Bank Holiday Monday we have picked our five favourite episodes from seasons one to three which show Sheldon Cooper at his spectacular comic best. And our love for The Big Bang Theory doesn’t stop there, oh no, we have hand-selected some genius and hilarious quotes from the geek-man Sheldon himself from each episode to give you a taster of what to expect.

Season 1, #4: The Luminous Fish Effect

Sheldon’s getting fired forces him to explore what life has to offer outside physics, leaving Leonard to take drastic action to snap his friend out of his funk by sending for his mother.

‘I read an article about Japanese scientists who inserted DNA from luminous jellyfish into other animals and I thought, hey, fish night lights.’

‘Anyway, it occurs to me, if I ever did perfect a time machine I’d go into the past and give it to myself. Thus eliminating the need for me to invent it in the first place.’
‘Um … as you know, several weeks ago in our first encounter, we may have gotten off on the wrong foot when I called you an idiot. And I just wanted to say that I was wrong … to point it out.’

Season 2, #1: The Bad Fish Paradigm

Penny opens up to a reluctant Sheldon after a less-than-stellar first date with Leonard, placing him in the uncomfortable position of having to keep a secret.

‘I’ve got more nervous ticks than a Lyme Disease research facility.’

‘Mom smokes in the car. Jesus is okay with it, but we can’t tell Dad.’

‘I drank milk that tasted funny.’

Season 2, #11: The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

Sheldon irks the gangs with his obession with proper Christmas gift protocol. Lenoard’s crushed when Penny dates a colleague of his.

‘If I were to give you this gift basket, based on that action alone, and no other data, infer and describe the hypothetical relationship that exists between us.’

‘I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy? Do you realise what this means? All I need is a healthy ovum, and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy!!’

Season 3, #22: The Staircase Implementation

A squabble over the thermostat setting leads to Leonard going over to Penny’s and recounting for her the story of how he met and moved in with Sheldon.

‘I know what you said, I know what I said, I know what my mother said on March 5, 1992.’

‘That’s not an apology; that’s simply an acknowledgement that I was right!’

Season 3, #23:The Lunar Excitation

Howard and Raj try to find the perfect match for Sheldon by setting him up on an Internet dating site. Seeing her moronic new boyfriend interact with the gang makes it abundantly clear to Penny that she can’t go back to dating stereotypical dumb jocks after dating Leonard.

‘Incidentally, one can get beaten up in school simply by referring to oneself as one.’

‘In a few minutes, when I gloat over the failure of this enterprise, how would you prefer I do it? The standard “I told you so” with a classic “neener-neener”? Or just my normal look of haughty derision?’

So all that is left to say is… ‘BAZINGA!!!’ And if you still don’t know what that means, then our Big Bang Bank Holiday Bonanza is the perfect opportunity to find out.

Get yourself comfy, grab some brain food and enjoy watching or shall we say learning from the peculiar legend that is Sheldon Cooper.

E4. SEE?! E4 puts the E in educational AND entertaining.

Oh and one last thing… Season 4 (Part 2) of The Big Bang Theory will be back on E4 in June.

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