Bank Of Dave: Fighting The Fat Cats – with David Fishwick on Channel 4 tonight

by Lisa McGarry

Dave Fishwick of Bank of Dave fame

Channel 4 series Bank Of Dave made headlines last summer, when a minibus salesman from Burnley presented his plans to improve the banking system in the UK.

The cameras followed David Fishwick as he set up his own small bank in his local area and offered residents the chance to save and conduct business with him, instead of the national institutions that had brought the country to it’s knees just a few years ago.

After the series went out, David Fishwick became much praised and talked about, as his experiment worked and showed that some small but important improvements, could make a massive difference to the public and the sector alike.

Tonight, in a one-off special, the cameras will return to Dave’s home town of Burnley to follow the rest of his journey.


After he became big news in July 2012, people rushed to deposit money with Fishwick and he was the focus not just of the local people but also of the press as everyone wanted to know how his bank worked.

Politicians of course got involved too and all wanted a piece of Dave’s success, talking publicly about their support for his plans and initiative. Hailed by many as the ‘People’s Banker’, Dave was inundated with requests from people in other parts of the UK, desperate for him to trade in their area.

Bank_of_Dave 1

But the FSA (Financial Services Authority), which regulates the banking industry, had its own ideas and were actively working against Dave and his mission.

Tonight, viewers will discover if he has managed to make the big banks sit up and listen, if Dave’s experiment has changed the sector at all and if the politicians did more than wax lyrical and actually backed Fishwick up with some real life support and action.

Tune in tonight, Channel 4, 10pm. Leave your comments below….


  1. Mark on February 28, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    Thank you so much lets Take over there big banks and get rid of the big fat cats . Iam pisst off with being ripped off buy HSBC . Loved loved loved what I seen on tv tonight

  2. Mark on February 28, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    When can join the bank , can you let me know . Iam so up for this please get me in soon

  3. Mary on March 1, 2013 at 10:33 am

    I loved this program. Typical FSA going after the small guy, cause they can, and leave the big banks , who ruined the country, with ‘fines’.
    Didn’t we use to have a banking system like this before – when savings banks were jus that

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