Bastille talk about lack of studio time affecting their next album

by Martin

Bastille 2

Bastille, are the ones to watch in 2014. They’ve had an incredible 2013 and I only see their success growing in the coming years.

Frontman Dan Smith however has been talking about why we haven’t heard anything in terms of a second album from Bastille yet and it seems the constant touring is the reason.

That’s normal though. Musicians are more or less always on the road doing something whether it’s performing, at an awards show, doing interviews or in the studio.

We can only imagine that trying to do more than one at a time can be incredibly difficult and in an interview with Gigwise Dan comments on the lack of studio time they’ve had recently.


He said: “If we weren’t touring so much we’d probably have finished the album by now. I’ve never wanted our music to be one thing. I guess we make things when we feel like it.”

Dan also spoke about the route their new music is likely to take and he added that because of his own influences and personal tastes being so varied it’ll be an eclectic sound.

He continued: “There will be some songs that’ll be quite guitar heavy and dark, and at the moment I’ve been listening to a hell of a lot of R&B, so there might be some songs leaning that way.”

“But it’s one of those things where what I think sounds like a dark rock song or an R&B track might to someone else just sound like a Bastille song.”

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Regardless of the delays, going by the first album if the second is anything to go by then it’ll be a huge hit with the fans so no rush, take your time and perfect it!

Bastille are also set to perform at ‘The Brits Are Coming’ show on ITV which will be presented by BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw and will see the 2014 BRIT Awards nominees revealed.

Last month Bastille performed at the BBC Radio 1 Christmas Live Lounge party and performed a mixture of songs and you can see them perform below.