BBC about to announce new Doctor Who companion – Here’s what we know….

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond in The Girl Who Waited

Pond stares enigmatically into the distance. "I think I left the iron on at home..."

Update: The new Doctor Who companion has been revealed to be former Emmerdale actress Jenna-Louise Coleman.

It has been revealed that the BBC will make a big Doctor Who announcement tomorrow and we are fairly sure that bosses will be revealing who will be joining the hit show as The Doctor’s new companion.

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvil have both announced that they will be leaving the show halfway through the seventh series and for months speculation has been rife about who would step into their shoes.

BBC journalist Lizo Mzimba revealed that there will be an announcement made about the new series tomorrow and tweeted this evening:

“Looks like there’ll be some big news announced at a press conference tomorrow morning!”

Daily Mirror TV Editor, Mark Jefferies added fuel to the rumours and teased that the assistant will be female, will be pretty, but much like her predecessor will not be well know.

He wrote:

“BBC source has confirmed to me they will unveil new Doctor Who assistant tomorrow. She is “pretty” but “not household name”

Up until now, Sophia Myles has been a name in the frame and has been reportedly considering joining the show, but she doesn’t seem to fit Jefferies description. Myles has already played Madame de Pompadour in the Steven Moffat-penned episode The Girl In The Fireplace, but Doctor Who is well known for taking previous bit-players and giving them companion roles. See: Martha Jones, Amy Pond.

Others have suggested that Ben Browder, famous in sci-fi circles for his roles in Farscape and SG-1 could also be a possibility, but it seems he is not the right sex.

Steven Moffat previously teased that that Rory and Amy Pond’s exit would be “heart breaking” and on their replacement, said ‘the Doctor is going to meet someone very new in the very last place he could ever have expected..’

We want to hear who you think The Doctor’s new companion could be, so leave all your speculation and ideas in the comments section below and we will bring you more news as it comes in….

We are soooo excited!

Meanwhile, fans will be relieved to hear that Matt Smith won’t be doing a Christopher Ecclestone and abandoning the sci-fi show just yet. While he admitted he will miss working with Karen, the British star is keen to stay on as the titular timelord for at least one more series.