BBC commissions Winging It, a comedy series for teens

The BBC’s teen brand, BBC Switch, has commissioned Zeppotron (an Endemol Company) to produce a brand new comedy entertainment series which will air on BBC Two.

Winging It features quick-witted comedians who are thrust into unfamiliar real-life scenarios and forced to improvise their way out of them.

A fearless cast of the best new comedians and comedy actors, including BBC Switch’s 5:19 Show presenter, Tom Deacon, Rhys Thomas (The Wall, Star Stories); and Joe Thomas (The Inbetweeners) must re-invent themselves on the run.

Knowing nothing about their roles until the very last minute, the performers will be pushed to the absolute limits.

Each challenge begins with the comedian receiving a mission statement – a dossier they won’t be allowed to open until minutes before their challenge begins.

Their mission will contain several “hit points” – pre-planned obstacles, which increase in difficulty as the challenge progresses.

Each comedian will be guided through their challenge by the masked “Wing Commander” who triggers each new part of the “hit” via an earpiece. This will be the very first time the comedians hear what they have to do next.

As every challenge develops, the jeopardy intensifies until the final pay-off which reveals whether or not they’ve successfully winged it.

Geoff Goodwin, Head of BBC Switch, says: “BBC Switch is committed to offering our teen audience fresh and exciting entertainment programmes featuring the best new talent. Unlike most comedy stunt shows, the laughter in Winging It isn’t directed at the public – the show’s humour focuses on the comedians and their desperate efforts to adapt to each nightmare they find themselves in.”

Neil Webster, Executive Producer at Zeppotron, commented: “It’s tense and spontaneous entertainment series that has all the fun of the final sham and none of the tedious training.”