BBC Defend Decision To Sack Carol Thatcher

by Lisa McGarry
Carol Thatcher - Book Signing


Anyone reading a newspaper today can’t help but come across stories about Carol Thatcher’s plight. Carol was laid off BBC’s The One Show this week for comparing a tennis star to a golliwog, but instead of apologising for her remarks, Carol is claiming that the beeb have an agenda and an axe to grind over this particular issue.

“Obviously they know what their agenda is and there is certainly an agenda behind this,” Thatcher’s representative Ali Gunn told TalkSport.

“I would like to say that this comment was made in jest afterwards in the green room over a drink and no one objected to it at the time. I think it’s absolutely outrageous that the BBC has condoned this leak.”

She continued: “They haven’t even disciplined the member of staff and frankly we issued a fulsome apology that was rejected by them. But they should be issuing us with an apology.

“I would say that if her name were not Thatcher we wouldn’t be talking.”

However BBC One controller Jay Hunt dismissed claims Thatcher, 55, had made the comment in private.

She said it was “inappropriate” to make the comment in front of “12 other people” in the show’s green room area.

Ms Hunt told Radio 4’s Today programme: “What Carol decides to say in the privacy of her own home or in a private conversation with friends is one thing.

“What she says in a green room space, when there are 12 people, in her capacity as a roving reporter for The One Show is a rather different thing.”

Thatcher’s comment had been “deemed by a very substantial proportion of the public to be hugely offensive”, Ms Hunt added.

“What I find sad about the entire situation is that we have given Carol ample opportunity to apologise for offence that was caused to key named individuals.

“She felt unable to do that and, for that reason, it is not appropriate for her to work on that particular show, but she will continue to work for the BBC and indeed is.”