BBC expects viewer outrage over new Afghanistan bomb squad comedy drama, Bluestone 42

Bluestone 42

It’s been reported today that the BBC is braced for viewer backlash when its new comedy drama Bluestone 42 debuts later this year.

The show centres on the work of a bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan, and of it, TV Biz reports, “Plans for the pilot were met with uproar from military families.”

However, it seems the broadcaster was undaunted by the outrage and in fact, went on to order seven more episodes.

The show’s co-writer James Cary said, “We didn’t want to offend anyone so we did an enormous amount of research, talked to lots of soldiers and had a military adviser on set every day.”

And executive producer Stephen McCrum added, “We did have people complaining that it wasn’t right to do a comedy in this setting.

“My approach was to ring them up and explain what we were trying to do. One had lost their child out in Afghanistan.

oliver chris

“After we explained, they were very helpful. They have seen a couple of episodes and the reaction was very positive.”

However, Tory MP Patrick Mercer, a former Army colonel, remarked, “I wonder if a comedy based in Afghanistan, considering the war is ongoing, is in the best of taste.”

The eight-part series, which airs on BBC3 next month, features soldiers who “love their jobs and the camaraderie they share despite risking their lives every day.”

Green Wing’s Oliver Chris plays the role of Captain Nick Medhurst, while Hustle star Kelly Adams plays cleric Mary. Gary Carr plays Corporal Mills, and Katie Lyons stars as Corporal Bird.

What do you think about the show? Is it in poor taste?

Unfortunately, there is no footage of it available as yet, but here’s a look at the work of real bomb disposal experts in Afghanistan…

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