BBC starts filming on Hustle series 7

Filming has begun on the seventh series of Hustle.

The gang are back with Adrian Lester as master con man Mickey “Bricks” Stone, with his “partners in crime”; veteran roper, Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn) and fixer extraordinaire, Ash “Three Socks” Morgan (Robert Glenister). Also returning are brother and sister duo, Emma and Sean Kennedy (played by Kelly Adams and Matt Di Angelo).

Hustle has proven to be one of BBC One’s most successful and popular dramas and this series promises to be as slick and entertaining as ever.

Viewers can expect the usual high calibre of guest stars, including Angela Griffin, Joe Armstrong and Anna Chancellor. This series sees the team flirt with fashion’s finest, take a gamble on a casino and follow an unsuspecting mark’s crooked trail to Birmingham.

Hustle actor Adrian Lester said: “It’s fantastic that this series includes an episode set in my home town of Birmingham. The greedy better hold on tight to their wallets, as the gang is back and the cons are bigger and better than ever!”

Karen Wilson, executive producer, commented: “Reading Tony Jordan’s fantastic scripts, this series looks like it’s going to be fabulous. I can’t wait for Adrian and co to bring the action to life! This time around, the guys take a little trip to the Midlands, with the gang trying to give a female mark a new lease of life.”

Sarah Brandist, BBC executive producer, added: “Hustle is an extraodinarily special show and we are thrilled to be working on series seven with Kudos and Red Planet. And along with every other fan of this series, I cannot wait to see Mickey and the team work their way through a season of the most fabulous scams.”

Suzie Norton, CEO of Screen WM, said: “Kudos’ return sends a welcome signal that Birmingham and the wider region is a great place to do business for film and television production. Further employment opportunities for local crew and use of local facilities including locations, hotels, restaurants and caterers ensures an extra boost for the local economy and the city’s profile as an emerging centre of excellence in film and TV.”

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