BBC Three to inspire lazy women with ‘Working Girls’

by Lisa McGarry

For generations women have worked their fingers to the bone striving for equality in the workplace. However a new generation of girl’s seem more interested in celebrity status, sitting on the sofa or finding a rich other half rather than fulfilling their work potential.

At a time when unemployment is at an all time high, Working Girls is a timely reminder that it’s important to stand on your own two feet!

In each episode of Working Girls, two different girls with a non-existent work ethic will be teamed with two hugely successful self-made business woman who have worked extremely hard to get where they are today. From a famous swimwear designer to a Michelin star chef – these women have worked their way to the top to accomplish enormous success.

Over an eight day period, the girls will have to prove their worth by satisfying their mentor’s tough working demands and performance levels.

Along the way, the girls will discover an ancestor from their past who has achieved something monumental in the work place. Through sheer guts and determination, these women worked extremely hard to achieve equality – its time to take inspiration from their ancestors and get back to work!

As well as whipping these lazy ladies into shape, their mentors will play a key role as a champion for independent women through the ages who were prepared to work hard for their rewards.

Each girl will go on a journey of self discovery that takes them from ignorance and apathy to empowerment and appreciation.

Will their own personal history motivate the girls to raise their game and change their lives forever? Will they learn any lessons and realise their full potential? Will they make it to lunch?

Expect tears, tantrums, and explosive tension as we get these girls off the sofa and into work!