BBC weren’t interested in new Red Dwarf series!

by Anna Howell

With Red Dwarf fans everywhere waiting in anticipation for the new series to air on Dave on Thursday 4th October, the co-creator behind the hilarious cult 80’s sci-fi show, Doug Naylor has revealed that the BBC was not interested in reviving the show, and turned down the chance to show it on one of their channels!

Red Dwarf, which was originally shown on the BBC from 1988-1999, has now been picked up by comedy channel, Dave, who will run the new series, which stars Coronation Street star, Craig Charles, as the main character, Dave Lister.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Naylor commented:

“Of course, BBC2 is where the whole thing started and obviously we want to get the biggest possible audience we can. But no, the BBC hasn’t approached us [about a revival].

“The last one we did with them was series eight, which got eight million and was the most successful series we’ve ever done. And then we wanted to do a film, which took so long not to get anywhere!”

Naylor went on to explain how the Red Dwarf feature film meant that the sitcom “stepped off the TV merry-go-round”.

“Once you’re off, it’s hard to get back on,” he said. “I totally understand the channel controllers who want to encourage the next generation and who say, ‘We don’t want you old farts back again, although we enjoyed you while you were here. And quite honestly, we don’t know if the people who used to watch your show will still watch’. But I think [Dave’s first 2009 mini-series] Back to Earth proved that the Red Dwarf fanbase is still there.”

This isn’t the first time the BBC has been accused of neglecting one of it’s all time classic shows, last year the actor who plays Cat in the award-winning sci-fi comedy, Danny John-Jules claimed that Red Dwarf had been ‘ignored’ by the BBC throughout its original run.

“The BBC never really pushed Red Dwarf as one of their flagship shows, even though it was so successful,” said the actor. “We never had a pat on the back from anyone.”

What do you think? Should Red Dwarf have been left on the classic shelf, or are you as excited as us to see the new series, even if it is on Dave (which probably means that each episode will be show 20 times before the next one?)

Red Dwarf X  is due to air on October 4th on Dave, watch the trailer for it in the clip below: