Being Human – Hold The Front Page – Episode review

Being Human - Hold The Front Page

We take a departure from our regularly scheduled Being Human story arc to resurrect a vulgar, annoying character called Adam and introduce his new floozy, a frumpy headmistress who just happens to be irresistible to men.

It was all going so well, too. The arc about the War Child and Tom discovering the burn on his arm, seemingly sealing the prophecy that he would kill baby Eve. And then someone decided to write a completely throwaway episode in which Adam returns with a middle aged woman amid an age-gap scandal.

The storyline initially seemed like a plot device to cram in every filthy joke or pun Adam could scrape up. And when he mentioned that Yvonne has had thousands of ‘consorts’ vying for her attentions, we all thought that it was a bit of exaggeration on her part. But, of course, it was a clue as to her nature. Why could Yvonne see Annie? Clearly she was supernatural on some level. And when she touched Tom and later Hal, they both became infatuated with her.

Clever geeks like us will have closed the case already. You got it, right? Yvonne was a Succubus, a mythical creature that feeds off sexual energy. The succubus has been spotted around lots of horror/fantasy shows in the last couple of years: The Gates, True Blood and particularly the brilliantly scripted Canadian drama Lost Girl. Sadly, once you’ve realised that Being Human is playing the succubus card for cheap sex jokes, the rest of the episode is a bit of a waste of time.

Ultimately, Adam and Yvonne lead a pack of journalists to Honolulu Heights. If their own presence wasn’t odious enough, they put the rest of the house in jeopardy. And of course, when all the boys become enamoured with Yvonne, that raises the tension levels in an already stressed household. Hal dreams about killing Tom and trying to kill Eve. And Tom has a bizarre sex dream about Yvonne dressed as a barrister and seducing him in Latin.

All of this is entertaining enough, but I have to admit I never liked the character of Adam. I love puerile, schoolboy sex humour as much as the next (Family) Guy, but Adam is just pointless and annoying. Any episode with Adam in it is an episode I’d happily skip.

There was a second storyline that was equally unsatisfying. After trying to take a picture of Adam (and it turning out blank), one of the journalists suddenly makes several dubious logical leaps and winds up at the desk of the solicitor who got Tom released last week. Now, ignoring the fact that the paparazzi are rarely the actual journalists, it boggles the mind that he chased down this solicitor via his link to Tom McNair. It’s all a bit unconvincing.

All in all, Hold The Front Page was a bit of a mess, a total filler episode in which the pieces that fulfil the story arc were clumsily sledgehammered into place. I’ve got a feeling this clumsiness may have a knock-on effect on future developments.