Being Human – Making History – Episode Review

by Gerard McGarry
Cutler and Hal (Damien Molony) looking slightly greasy in Being Human

Cutler and Hal (Damien Molony) looking slightly greasy in 'Making History'

The historical link between Hal and Cutler is revealed in Making History, the penultimate episode in this season of Being Human. Annie has a guided tour of the post-apocalyptic future with Ghost Eve, while Alex establishes herself as the queen of the withering romantic put-down. Phew! We’ve got a lot to get through!

So, what’s the deal with Hal and Cutler?

Hal (Damien Molony) gratuitous shirtless shot.

Gratuitous shirtless Hal shot! You're welcome 🙂

We flashback to 1950 to see Hal at his most wicked talking to his court-apointed lawyer, a certain Mr. Cutler. He tells Cutler that destiny has chosen him for great things and proceeds to make Cutler into a vampire. Shocking revelation #1: Hal made Cutler! But not content with that, Hal insisted (as you do), that Cutler drain his own wife to cut ties with humanity. Cutler dithers over this decision because his wife’s actually pretty cute and it seems a shame to eat her. So Hal takes matters into his own hands and drains her, feeding the blood to Cutler in a sadistic twist later.

Most of the episode centers around the reversal in fortunes for Hal and Cutler. We forget that Hal has been in hiding for the last 50 years, but when encountering vampires like Fergus and Cutler, it serves as a reminder that he’s developed this OCD and is really quite vulnerable. Cutler, naturally, exploits this by offering Hal blood. As you might expect, Hal promptly goes off the rails and becomes quite unstable around Tom, Eve and even Alex.

As the episode hinges on this notion of Hal’s sadistic past coming back to haunt him, we arrive at a point where Cutler reveals his nefarious plan – to trick Tom into becoming a werewolf, then launching him on unsuspecting clubbers – but also offers Hal another glass of blood. Except, we later discover that Cutler has captured and drained Alex in a copy of his wife’s murder.

Elsewhere, in the future…

Annie (Lenora Crichlow) with baby Eve in Being Human

Can Annie do what it takes to save the world from vampires?

Annie willingly goes through a door with Eve to discover the grim future that’s due to unfold. Eve paints a picture of a future in which the vampires massacred the human population, and though some countries managed to keep the vampire threat at bay, eventually the refugee crisis caused them to have to negotiate. Two things are slightly disjointed about this story:

  1. The Nazi symbolism is a tired old cliche. I was disappointed to see the two swastika-esque flags hanging beside Hal’s portrait at the end of this sequence. And flogging yet another meme, they had Hal’s portrait painted in the Obama style that’s been doing the rounds for the last five years. Unless the symbol of Obama beside Nazi imagery is some kind of subtle comment. But I doubt it.
  2. Eve’s version of the future discusses vampires massacring humans. Wholesale slaughter. This is at odds with Cutler’s masterplan of painting the werewolves to be the true danger (hence tricking Tom into massacring clubbers). Now, Hal may have stopped Tom, but the video footage of the wolf exists. However, Hal seemed to pull back from the brink of self-destruction to save Tom, which suggests that he may have avoided the prophecy and prevented Tom from killing loads of humans, which Eve said had made Tom cold and distant.

Either way, this plot ends with Annie being told that she simply needs to step aside at the appointed hour – something will happen to threaten baby Eve’s life and she simply has to let it happen. Coming from the ghost who admitted that she sent creepy Kirby, this is not advice I’d be inclined to trust.

Summing up

Kate Bracken as Alex in Being Human

Kate Bracken gets the pick of the lines in 'Making History'

There were a couple of references to Mitchell tonight that made me miss that introspective old vampire, but also realise how far along Being Human has come in the last 7 episodes. The concept behind the series has changed completely, and we’re now facing down a vampire massacre of the human race. Presumably our unlikely heroes will have to come together in the end to fight against the vampire threat. There were some beautiful notes of reluctance between Tom and Annie in Making History that shows they know they’ll have to do some things they’re not happy about for the greater good.

I thought this episode in particular was potentially confusing to viewers. It dabbled a little bit with alternate futures. Eve wanted to change the future by moving Hal into the house with Annie and Tom. That may have made a difference. We’re not sure yet. We’ll have to wait until next week’s finale to find out.

Pick of tonight’s Being Human quotes:

  1. Hal: It’s not dissatisfaction. It’s a feeling more akin to having been born in captivity. A seeping realisation that your dreams and ambitions are just too big, too rich for this domestic world.
  2. Hal: We needed a new legal representative, and destiny has decided: it’s you.
  3. Hal: Three people can’t have dinner together. That’s barbaric!
  4. Tom: What ‘appens if I ever want to get married? Who’s going to take me on with a kid in tow?
  5. Hal: You’re becoming the drunk who never buys a round.
  6. Cutler: But the old ones are different, Tom. They’ve spent too long killing and feeding. It does something to their minds.
  7. Annie: This is the future? Eve: For you. Annie: Oh, do we have jetpacks? Eve: No. Mostly everyone’s dead.
  8. Cutler: You could go straight back to the top of the pile. That’s cool. That’s your rightful place. All I ask for in return is that when they write the history of what’s about to happen, they give me a mentions, and a statue. And maybe Brazil.
  9. Hal: I like your mouth. Alex: Oh, thanks sugar. I’m sure that sounded less creepy in your head.
  10. Alex: I think I preferred it when you were Forrest Gump.
  11. Annie talks about Tom: He’s like a child. He’s lovely. He’s like a pet. Bloody big one, like a St Bernard or a horse. He’s physically incapable of lying or being cruel, so I do worry about him.
  12. Annie: He shouldn’t be killing vampires, he should be getting disappointing A Level results.
  13. Eve explains why Tom died: There were rumours he killed some humans by accident once and never got over it. Some say he held back during his final dogfight, even after he transformed. He’d rather have died than kill again.
  14. Tom (to Hal): How’d it go with Alex? You didn’t kill her did ya? Ah, tell me tomorrow.
  15. Hal insults Tom: You’re a child, you know that? Watching you negotiate grown-up emotions is like watching a gorilla perform keyhole surgery.
  16. Hal seems to be letting his nature get the better of him: We can raid the dressing up box and pretend to be human, but what’s the point? Sooner or later we all go back to being the monsters we truly are.
  17. Cutler: What I was? No, you stole that from me. You dragged me into this world, you killed my wife, you turned me into a murderer, an addict. You made me abandon my whole species.
  18. Alex isn’t pleased to be dead: That was brilliant. Just when I thought this holiday could not possibly get any worse.
  19. Eve: I make a bloody good cup of tea. Annie: That’s my girl!
  20. Hal: Just close your eyes and picture yourself somewhere else. Alex: Trust me, I’ve been doing that since you arrived.