Being Human: Romance for Hal and Tom (but not Annie) in Puppy Love

by Gerard McGarry
Ellie Kendrick as Allison in Being Human

Geeky Allison tells Tom about the werewolf videos being uploaded to the web

Puppy Love in a nutshell: Tom and Hal both score love interests, and we meet Allison, a debate champion-slash-werewolf who tracks down Tom to reveal that he’s a YouTube star. For all the wrong reasons. And just to keep Annie busy, she gets saddled with the ghost of a curmudgeonly old neighbour whom she helps pass over to the afterlife.

Tom and Allison

How perfect was Ellie Kendrick as uber-swot Allison? The geeky student finds Tom to tell him there’s a video of him changing into a werewolf on YouTube. There’s something charming in these two naive, awkward characters coming together, and there are a couple of brilliant sequences where Allison helps Tom sharpen his debate skills while Tom helps Allison be better with sharpened stakes.

And of course, she was planning to be a barrister. If we learned anything last week, it’s that Tom’s ultimate sexual fantasy is for ladies wearing powdered wigs. However, the cutest relationship known to Being Human was scuppered when Allison became a little too excited about staking vampires. And a protective Tom broke things off with her because he didn’t want to erode her sweetness by bringing her into his world. Which was endearing, but not quite heartbreaking.

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Hal and Alex

Hal’s repressed OCD charms managed to snag a lady admirer in cute, crop-haired holidaymaker Alex. Hal’s worried kissing might be a problem because it might lead to more. More being puncturing his date’s jugular and draining her to the point of death. So, in his own way, Hal is every bit as chivalrous and protective as Tom. A failed double-date later and much of Hal’s romantic storyline is deferred until next week, but there was so much awkward OCD goodness that I loved every minute of screen time Damien Molony got.

Annie and Emrys

Oh Annie! Our favourite curly-haired ghost turned killer tonight as Annie – fearing the Old Ones had arrived – accidentally pitches her cantankerous neighbour over the garden wall, killing him instantly. And so, out of duty, Annie turns all Ghost Whisperer and tries to help the old bugger cross over. Except it’s not so easy. He’s got no friends, owes no money and has no real regrets.

Here’s where things get interesting – Emrys tells Annie that he wants to get revenge on his ex-wife. But straight-laced Annie balks at that and insists it must be something with a ‘good’ outcome. Of course, one classic session of ‘haunting’ Emrys’ ex-wife and her new husband later, and Emrys is departing through his door for real (having previously ended up in a closet). The message to Annie: when your time comes, it might not be a good thing you have to do.

Random thoughts

There were a couple of references in tonight’s Being Human to Annie’s ‘time’ coming. She’s already died once this year, when Alfie Kirby almost erased her from existence. And with two episodes to go, and the sudden appearance of Ghost Eve, could it be that Lenora Crichlow’s time on the show is running out?

Two brilliant bits of visual humour in the museum scenes – first was Tom looking through a case, juxtaposed with the skull of a Neanderthal man, and the second was Alex talking about ‘the elephant in the room’ just as she and Hal passed a wooly Mammoth.

While it was sweet of Tom to send Allison back home to her parents (and in such a way that we know he didn’t really want to), I kind of wish that Being Human wouldn’t chew through the characters as quickly as it does. Allison had real potential to be another brilliant member of the group, another character whose potential could be explored. And I loved cringing about her every ‘right-on’ student cliche – especially as she was being choked by Meat Head Action Movie Cliché-Spewing Vampire.

Speaking of which, a shame we lost Golda so soon. Her ideas on custom file-o-fax designs were revolutionary, especially since we know where there’s a load of spare skin parchment lying around. Maybe Annie could have that transformed into a Kindle or iPad cover instead?

Top quotes!

  1. Tom: We’re not gonna rape you. Not that you’re not nice or owt…
  2. Allison: I’m Allison. Tom: Tom. Allison: With an ‘H’? Tom: With a ‘T’.
  3. Allison: Don’t tell me you’re still on MySpace? Hal: We’re more Ceefax people…
  4. Allison: If people find out about vampires, werewolves and ghosts, there’ll be riots. There’ll be lynchings. It’ll be like the tuition fees marches all over again.
  5. Golda: The last time somebody spoke to me like that I used their skin for a file-o-fax cover. God, I miss the 80s.
  6. Annie: Wax on, wax off. Bring it on mothersucker.
  7. Allison: How many vampires have you…slain? Tom: About 3 to 4. Dozen. Allison: And you’re condoning this? Cutler: I can’t exactly go to Ofcom.
  8. Alex: Ah, you’re religious. Hence your weird blend of happiness and sexual repression.
  9. Allison: If we lived on other planets, do you think the moon would still affect us? Tom: If we lived on the moon, d’you think we could be werewolves all the time?
  10. Tom: Hal, I found these matches and some of them are the wrong way round. Hal: We’ll soon see about that!
  11. Golda: No they will not be happy in a Travellodge.
  12. Annie: So you’ve got no friends. You don’t owe any money and you’ve got no regrets. Oh! Have you seen Titanic?