Ben Miller and Sara Martins to star in BBC’s Death in Paradise

Ben Miller (The Armstrong and Miller Show, Primeval) has been cast to star alongside French film star Sara Martins (Tell No One, Little White Lies) in ambitious eight part drama series Death in Paradise.

Death in Paradise is a fish out of water story about a quintessential English cop posted to the Caribbean island of Sainte Marie. To anyone else it would be paradise, but for Detective Inspector Richard Poole (Miller) it’s hell! Totally unsuited to the Caribbean way of life, Richard hates the sun, sea and sand and isn’t used to their style of policing. But he is a brilliant detective whose first case on the island is investigating the murder of a British cop. Working with the exotic local Camille (Martins), each week Richard goes about solving an intricate and intriguing murder.

Ben Miller says: “Death in Paradise is my dream job: a fascinating character, great scripts, superb cast and shooting in the Caribbean with French catering.”

The deal was brokered by BBC Worldwide who secured a co-production agreement with French public broadcaster France Télévisions. The series will be co-developed with both broadcasters for audiences in the UK and France.

Tony Jordan, Executive Producer, Red Planet Pictures says: “Death in Paradise will be a real treat for a BBC One audience, filmed in the Caribbean and starring Ben Miller alongside sexy French siren Sara Martins, I think our winters are about to get a little hotter.”

Polly Hill the BBC Executive Producer and Head of Drama, England Indies adds: “Ben Miller is absolutely perfect for Richard, and we are thrilled to be introducing Sara Martins to a BBC1 audience – together they promise to be an exciting and fiery pairing, and a real treat in the schedule.”

This is the first time that France Télévisions is co-producing a drama series with the BBC and the collaboration between the broadcasters and Red Planet Pictures is taking place across all phases; script, production and casting. The filming is set to take place in Guadeloupe, a French overseas département and the post production will take place in London.

Sophie Gigon, Head of International Drama Co-productions France Télévisions says: “We are delighted with our principal cast, Sarah Martins and Ben Miller, who form a beautiful French-British couple, and will share great adventures together. Their team in Death in Paradise mirrors our France Televisions / BBC partnership: we are proud to have married them and impatient to see them evolve, episode after episode!”

Ben Donald, Executive Producer International Drama, BBC Worldwide says: “I am very pleased with the calibre of the cast brought together for Death in Paradise and both broadcasters are delighted with the English and French cast choices. Ben Miller and Sara Martins are perfect for the roles and will be real assets in helping sell the show around the world. This is a true collaboration in every sense.”

Klaus Zimmermann, CEO, Atlantique Productions, comments: “With Death in Paradise we are realising the potential for cross border collaboration in drama between the UK and France, and the casting of Sara Martins and Ben Miller in the lead roles exemplifies this beautifully.”