Benedict Cumberbatch says Sherlock could have been a “cheesy spin-off” whilst Star Trek’s JJ Abrams says he is “grateful” for the show!


We simply adore Benedict Cumberbatch’s modesty; it makes him even more appealing!

The Sherlock star has revealed that he hesitated before taking the lead role in the hit BBC detective series, fearing it may have come across as a “cheesy spin-off.”

Discussing the series, which is a modern day re-make based on the famous novels of Arthur Conan Doyle, at a recent press conference to promote his new movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Cumberbatch explained:

“Mark [Gatiss] and Steven [Moffatt] rebooting Sherlock – giving a modern day twist to a much-loved Victorian hero – it sounds like a cheesy spin off idea.”

“Yet in those fan boy’s hands it’s done with such authenticity and respect for the canon,

“If you know you’re in the expert hands that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and be employed by, a lot of trust goes to those people… That takes a lot of the heavy lifting for you.”


Meanwhile, when the questions turned to the genius behind the new Star Trek series, JJ Abrams, he credited Sherlock, its writers and of course Cumberbatch, for helping create the villain John Harrison, played by Cumberbatch, in the film due for release later this month.

On the subject of what attracted him to write the part of Harrison, Abrams replied:

“I am very grateful to the writers, notably Damon (Lindelof) who said you should check out Sherlock, which I had not done, and when we were casting this part it was the perfect medicine for what we were suffering from which was not really being able to figure out who was someone who inspired us in the way that we needed.

“I watched Sherlock and was of course blown away and called Benedict and we spoke and Benedict famously auditioned on an iphone and when we watched that video it was 100% clear we had found our man. Working with Benedict frankly exceeded all expectations and on the set there was a kind of, everyone stood a little bit taller when he was around.”


hmm, somewhere in between, we would say!

Cumberbatch was asked what part of filming Star Trek he had found most challenging, to which he jokingly replied:

“Which way to do my hair was the hardest thing. Straight or curly, or long with bangs, or a sort of ponytail or maybe no hair!”

Before adding this serious footnote: “No, it was such a sort of whirlwind for me that it was just one ball of excitement from beginning to end.”

Star Trek: Into Darkness is expected to be released in the UK on May 9th, watch the new trailer for it in the clip below: