Benedict Cumberbatch thinks Sherlock is vain! He should be!

by Lisa McGarry

Benedict Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that he sees his character on hit BBC detective drama Sherlock as incredibly ‘vain’.

The British actor – who is quite the international sex symbol himself – doesn’t think that the Baker Street crime solver is desperate to be fancied and lusted after but told The Radio Times that the detective’s look is ‘part of his armour.’ Easy to see why Benny was cast in the role then!

Cumberbatch will bring his alter ego back to our screens, finally, in a brand new episode next month and chatting about how he plays the central character he admitted that he likes to think that his sex appeal is just another tool utilised by Holmes.

He said:

“Is he footballer vain? No. Is he movie star vain? Possibly. But it’s not really about the image he wants to project in order to make people fancy him. It’s about what he wants to use of himself to control a situation. His look is part of his armour.”

Benedict, 37, also admitted that while Sherlock’s look has become recognisable around the world, he doesn’t always like the clothing given to him by the wardrobe team.

The outfits aren’t something he would choose for himself and he added:

“Sometimes when I put it on, it feels like fancy dress.”


It’s been a crazy few weeks for the actor, as on top of all the promotional work he’s doing for his BBC show, the star is also busy hitting the red carpet for premieres of his new movie, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” .

The 37 year old reprised his role as Smaug the dragon and the The Necromancer through voice and motion capture for the second film in the series and earlier this week he joined Ed Sheeran, Martin Freeman and Luke Evans in Berlin for a showing of the blockbuster.


Ed revealed some funny stories in an interview on the night and chatted about a drunken night out he’d enjoyed with the men earlier in the week.

One of the stars is a ‘mad’ drunk, one is incredibly ‘polite’ and one got a little annoyed with Ed’s inebriated ramblings.

Check out the video here……