Benedict Cumberbatch was livid with press for reporting that his niece was his “mystery woman!”


It’s been claimed today that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was left “shocked” and angry when it was reported that he was on a night out with a “mystery woman” who, in actual fact, was his niece!

Speaking to the Associated Press, Benedict said of being photographed with his niece Emily, who’s also his PA, “I went out with my niece, who is my PA Emily, and we got papped to the point that I couldn’t actually see and I had to put my head down and just blink a couple of times.

“I was trying to get in the car with her and so immediately they presume, ‘Ah, beautiful blonde…’”

He added, “Poor girl, she’s never experienced that before. I’ve never experienced that.

“[There was] like 15 of them hanging off the bonnet of the car!”

Entertainmentwise adds, “Scary stuff! Luckily the actor has had some better news this week as he picked up a Golden Globe nomination for his work on Sherlock.

“It was actually whilst he was out celebrating his nod on Thursday night that the papping incident occurred.”

And of course, other news about Benedict is that he’s to star in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, as the voice of dragon, Smaug.

Of Benedict, the film’s director Peter Jackson told the Daily Mail, “Benedict Cumberbatch has recorded the voice and done motion capture, which we’re going to use to create the emotional presence of Smaug.

benedict cumberbatch smaug

“’He’s got dialogue and Benedict’s done a fantastic voice for us.”

Here’s a reminder of Benedict on The One Show earlier this year…

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2 Responses to “Benedict Cumberbatch was livid with press for reporting that his niece was his “mystery woman!””

  1. Tom says:

    LOL! I see ‘angry’ was not quoted. Looks like the author wants to stir controversy on something he/ she got from the report of another report of another report. Good job!

  2. Tara says:

    I agree with Tom. It’s irresponsible and unprofessional reporting, not to mention downright shameful behavior.