Benidorm Returns To ITV1 For Summer Special


Your favourite holidaymakers are back. Benidorm returns for a one-hour Summer special on ITV1 that delivers thrills, drama, action and, of course, award-winning comedy.

Will Mel survive?
Will Mick be left stranded in a Benidorm jail?
Will Janice run off with Jack?
Will The Oracle ever reach dry land?
And just how will Madge cope?!!

Set in the all inclusive Solana resort with an award-winning ensemble cast, the first two series of Benidorm have proved a huge hit for ITV1 with the show being nominated for a British Comedy Award and winning The National TV Award for Best Comedy on TV last year.

The one-hour Summer special picks up exactly where series two ended.

The Garveys – Mick, Janice, their kids Telle and Michael and Telle’s baby son Coolio – are all back and, as usual, find themselves at the centre of the action.

The Garvey’s outspoken grandma Madge is distraught her new husband Mel is unconscious in hospital…. but she’s soon to be faced with a much more dangerous situation.

The Oracle was last seen flying out to sea on a rogue paraglider, as his mum Noreen looks on.

Kate and Martin are back and celebrating Kate’s surprise pregnancy news.

Gay couple Gavin and Troy return and find themselves drawn into the Garvey’s dramatic situation.

Good-hearted swingers Donald and Jacqueline end up becoming ‘unofficial babysitters’ to the Garvey kids.

The special also features a return appearance from Elliott Jordan who plays Jack – the local bar boy who declared his love for Janice at the end of series two.

Michaela Hennessy-Vass, ITV’s Commissioning Editor of Comedy says: ”Our favourite characters have returned with a spectacular and of course very funny show. I’m thrilled that once again Derren Litten, the writer and creator has delivered a holiday gem for ITV viewers. We have a great cast and production team and as a result a fabulously funny show”.

Sophie Clarke-Jervoise, executive producer, adds “We’re delighted that Benidorm is making a welcome return to ITV1 for this one-off Special. Fans are in for a treat with an action-packed comedy adventure which picks up where series 2 ended, and sets the scene for the forthcoming third series in the autumn.”

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