Best TV Tantrums – Warning… ADULT content!

bjork attacks photographer
Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more exciting than watching a normal programme – like the news or a chat show – degrade into a bitter swearing match or even actual fisticuffs, so we thought we’d bring you a round-up of the all time greats of TV tantrums most of which were live on air as they happened.

The majority of them happen on American TV – maybe that’s because we Brits are too reserved for such behaviour! – however, I did find two UK TV interviews where tempers were somewhat frayed…

First is a clip from an interview between chat show presenter Clive Anderson and the Bee Gees. The Gibb brothers had revealed that in the 1960s, they’d been called ‘Les Tosseurs’ to which Clive replied,

“Well you’ll always be tossers to me!”

The chat continued about their early career and so on until Barry mentioned a song they’d written entitled Don’t Forget To Remember, and Clive said, “I forgot that one” to which Barry replied, “I thought you might… we’re getting on like a storm aren’t we Clive?”

Some laughter followed then Barry very unexpectedly stood up and said, “In fact, I might just leave. You’re a tosser pal” and his brothers then followed suit leaving Clive looking rather nonplussed!

Here’s the clip…

Many of you may well be too young to remember the following incident but it was when the Sex Pistols were asked to appear on the Today programme and be interviewed by Bill Grundy. The show was live and the band members swore throughout and were generally obnoxious. Poor old Bill in fact got suspended for two weeks for what he was told was “sloppy journalism” after it was decided he “goaded” the Sex Pistols.

Here’s the clip but it is adult viewing only! It contains a lot of swearing!

So now onto those hot headed Americans and let’s start with a fight that broke out between heavyweight boxer Hasim Rahman and Lennox Lewis while they were being interviewed about an upcoming fight – that was meant to be in an actual ring – during a Sports slot on an American news show.

This is how the BBC reported the punch up at the time…

“Heavyweight boxer Hasim Rahman has denied sparking an extraordinary chat show scrap with Lennox Lewis by questioning his sexuality
The pair wrestled on a table after an argument over comments by Rahman that Lewis had “acted gay” when taking his fight for a rematch to court.

Both fighters were appearing on American television to promote their November bout when the brawl broke out – something Rahman insists was Lewis’ fault.

“I don’t play games like that,” he told BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme.
“He put his hands on me so I restrained him and I pushed him on the desk and held him there,” said Rahman.

“I never said he was gay. I said it was gay of him to take me to court for a rematch. He said he was going to use my sister to show me he wasn’t gay.

“I told him specifically I was not calling him gay – I don’t understand how he could have misinterpreted it.

“I don’t understand how his mind works.”

Here’s a clip of the ‘incident’….

This is a more recent clip of a 2007 episode of ‘The View’ in which co-hosts Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck get so enraged that the producers went to a split screen to ensure every second of each woman’s anger was captured for the home viewing audience.

Here’s Bill O’Reilly on America’s Inside Edition show getting extremely annoyed at his teleprompter’s failure to provide his script…

This is a compilation of some of the best American TV live on air confrontations including Bjork going mental at an airport and Rosie O’Donnell having a real go at Tom Selleck…

And here’s another similar clip, but unfortunately it doesn’t have sound… it’s pretty shocking stuff though.

And finally, they say you should never work with kids or animals and Jimmy Kimmel of America’s ABC channel would now agree… with the animals bit anyway. Here’s a clip of when an angry rattlesnake bit him live on air. I know you may be wondering what that has to do with TV tantrums, but that snake clearly wasn’t a happy bunny to be in a box with a chain around its neck!

Hope you’ve enjoyed watching celebrities – and snakes – losing it on live TV!

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