Better Call Saul’s first season DELAYED until 2015, despite being renewed for second season!

Saul Goodman Breaking Bad

Saul Goodman Breaking Bad

It seems AMC is a little backward when coming forward with the new season of Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul.

Following on from the sheer success of Breaking Bad, a brand new spin-off show was announced, which will focus on Saul Goodman. However, the first season has been pushed back to 2015.

Despite there being a slight delay on the series going to air, it has also been revealed that a second season has already been ordered by the network. Odd, right?

The first season will feature 10-episodes, and started shooting earlier this month in New Mexico. Originally, season 1 was set to go to air later this year, but has now been delayed until early 2015.

Breaking Bad Walter White

Not a lot is known about the second season, except that it will feature 13 episodes and will go to air in 2016.

AMC president Charlie Collier confirmed that the initial order was for 2 seasons anyway, featuring a combined order of 23 episodes.

He went on to add that the network “could not be more proud nor excited” about the work done on Better Call Saul so far.

“We are enjoying the process on Saul and all share a focus on making it a true television event,” he added.

Recent reports have suggested that Bryan Cranston could reprise his role as Walter White for the forthcoming first season of Better Call Saul, but those reports have remained unconfirmed.

According to, Cranston will feature in some sort of flashback, or flashforward.

The source goes on to add that Cranston’s return as Walter White will not be gimmicky at all, and the execs will find an awesome way of writing him back in.

How exactly he will be written into the first season is unknown, as Walter White was presumably killed off during the series finale of Breaking Bad, but it was never confirmed.