Big Brother results: Aaron Allard-Morgan wins, Jay McKray comes second

by Lisa McGarry

After 64 days in the Big Brother house, tonight Aaron Allard has been voted the winner of Big Brother 2011. After 9 weeks, Aaron beat 14 other housemates to win the title and a spectacular prize fund of £50,000.

When host Brian Dowling announced the results live to the house, Aaron hugged first runner up Jay McKray before holding his head in his hands. Later during his winner’s interview with Brian, Aaron said: “It’s crazy, I thought I was gone so many times and now look at me!” On the best things about his time in the house, he said quite simply, “Faye.” He denied speculation that he had a game plan and said that he had gone into the house to “be myself!” On his £50,000 prize, he said “I will spend it on my boy.”

In a special 90 minute live finale, the final four housemates were whittled down to just one. In fourth place was Louise Cliffe who emerged to an excited crowd and the song Filthy Gorgeous being played. Before she left the house she told her housemates “don’t worry” and hugged Jay who told her to “keep your head held high.” In her interview with Brian, she said she never thought she was “unique” enough to make the final but it means the world to her.

Alex Rose came in at third place and was met by cheers from the live audience. In her first interview since leaving the house, Alex said that “never in a million years did I think I’d make it to the final.” Alex also said she felt she had made a “best friend forever” in fellow housemate, Tom.

In second place was Jay McKray who told the winner, “I knew you were gonna win, I told you that!” He was met by loud cheers from an excited audience as he cheered “why aye!” at them. In his runner’s up interview with Brian he said that Louise had “kept him on a level” and that he will never eat bananas again.