Big Brother’s Chantelle Houghton and Hollyoaks’ Gemma Merna talk boob jobs

As part of this week’s surgery special in heat magazine, Chantelle Houghton and Gemma Merna were asked if a boob job is worth it.


“I was getting divorced, so it was an attempt to shift my attention somewhere else. I think it was a cry for attention. I was about a B/C cup and went up to an E/F. I never thought I was flat-chested, I just wanted to change myself completely. I don’t even recognise myself from back then. I have to have physio on my back and neck. They’re so uncomfortable. I don’t feel fat, but I feel bigger than I am. I’m a size ten, but nothing fits me. I constantly want to flatten them. You don’t realise the amount of scarring you’ll be left with.”

She added: “I’ve had a consultation with [surgeon] Robin Van Look, and what I really need is a smaller implant and an uplift. But that means scarring that will show. And it might mean moving my nipples. I look in the mirror and I don’t see breasts, I see implants. I hate the way they look.”


“I went from a 32B to a 30FF. The operation only lasts an hour, but before that you’ll have a consultation where the surgeon plans the surgery by drawing the incision points on your chest. They make an incision under the breast and put in the implant under the skin. It’s a serious operation, but apart from some pain and grogginess I felt fabulous. The first thing I asked was, “How big are they?” I spent one night in hospital and took two weeks off work, but they never really hurt. I wasn’t allowed to take off the bra for ten days.”

She added: “I could change everything else I wasn’t happy with by going to the gym – but you can’t change your boobs, can you? I do a lot of exercise and have broad shoulders, so you wouldn’t have noticed anything smaller than the size they are now. It’s given me loads of confidence.”

The surgery special feature appears in this week’s heat magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).