Big changes planned for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

ITV have announced that big changes are underway for their hit gameshow ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.’

The format will be altered for the first time in twelve years, as producers try to keep the show fresh and interesting for viewers. When Chris Tarrant returns later this year, his contestants will have to answer against the clock, being eliminated if they procrastinate for too long. Their phone a friends will also appear on screen if they are used.

Chris told The Sun:

“I was wary of changing it as I was of the view that it was perfect, so why interfere with it? Yet the changes will work.

“One of the things that slows the show down is when people are struggling with a question and they just stare at the screen.

“So in future we will be doing all the early rounds against the clock. Thirty seconds against the clock will really change it.”

Chris has fronted 12 seasons of the hugely successful quiz show and on it’s continued success he said:

“This season is our 12th and we’ve gone out in 115 countries and in each we’ve reached number one.

We’ve given away over £60million and had six £1million winners.

“It’s a remarkable route from the day David Briggs, my producer at Capital Radio, wanted to do this on-air quiz that started at £1 then doubled and doubled.

“He rang me six months later and said he was doing a pilot for the show called Cash Mountain.”

The named changed but the format stayed the same. Chris added:

“My bits stayed the same but they changed the lighting and the name to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

“We had a Pete Waterman song about never needing to work again.

They changed it for the more dramatic music by Matthew and Keith Strachan. They are both multi-millionaires now.”