Big Fat Gypsy Weddings blunder over gay kiss

In the last edition of Channel 4’s hit Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, we heard how traveller Mikey suffered being excluded from the community when he revealed he was gay.

He later went on to reveal that he had in some respects now been accepted back into the traveller community, however, one scene which showed Mikey attending Gay Pride in Manchester featured him kissing a young man who he met there…

And according to today’s Daily Star, the young man who shared the snog with Mikey had told the show’s producers he did not want to be identified, and had also asked them not to air the scene at all.

However, the least he expected was that his face would have been obscured before the show aired.

But, in what seems to have been an oversight, it wasn’t, and the distraught young man, who doesn’t wish to be named, was horrified to learn that his parents had seen the footage…

He told the paper, “My parents saw it and recognised me. Now everyone knows I’m gay. I feel exploited.

“Coming out should have been my choice, not Channel 4’s. The last thing I wanted was to be outed on national TV.

“But that’s exactly what they have done. I am gay but I wasn’t ready to tell my family yet.

“It should have been my choice when to let them know. This is my worst nightmare come true.

“My parents could easily tell that was me on telly. They’re devastated.

“I feel my rights have been violated. I feel sick.

“That silly attempt to blur my face wasn’t going to stop people recognising me.”

Last night, a Channel 4 spokeswoman said, “The individual asked not to be identified on screen and we were happy to accommodate the request and blurred him from the programme.”

Well evidently, the man in question wasn’t “blurred” enough!

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2 Responses to “Big Fat Gypsy Weddings blunder over gay kiss”

  1. freshersnation says:

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    everyone like it…
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  2. isitjustme says:

    I watched this episode and saw the kiss in question, but cannot remember whether the other person was sufficiently blurred or not. I am not defending Channel 4, but I was always under the impression that the Gay Pride marches were for those who were proud to be gay and by definition would have ‘come out’. If you wanted to take part but had not come out, then surely you would wear some sort of disguise such as one of the costumes. As the various GP marches are covered by various tv programmes and news, they are also covered by the local and national press, so if you take part you may well appear on tv or in print without knowing. That’s not even taking into account the internet, such as facebook.

    I can’t see that channel 4 are really to blame here.