Big Fat Gypsy Weddings commissioned for second series!

Just when you thought it was safe to venture out from behind the sofa, Channel 4 have announced a second series of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings!

Surprise hit show of the year Gypsy Weddings is set to take over our screens for a second helping of huge 13 stone dresses, millions of crystals, helicopters, and a great big traveller parties, it has been announced today.

In the last series we got to witness all the preparation, glitz, drama and general over the topness of weddings, communions, christenings and basic every day life in the travelling community.

The show, which was originally a spin off from a channel 4 dispatches documentary, was a huge success in the Uk, even being nominated for a BAFTA at this years academy award ceremony, and blasting current ratings from the last decade out of the water.

The second series will begin filming soon and be aired in January 2012, just after the one off special ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas’ episode.

This new series however, promises to explore deeper into the travelling community, covering not just weddings but all areas of the gypsy life style, from birth till death.

Tina Flintoff at Channel 4 who ordered the second series said: “It would have been very easy for us to just commission more of the same, but we wanted to enhance the series by adding more journalism.

“It will offer an even deeper insight into the gypsy and traveller way of life without losing what makes the show accessible: the weddings, christenings and spectacular celebrations.”

The show’s executive producer Jes Wilkins, told Broadcast: “I’m extremely grateful to all the gypsies and travellers who have opened up their lives to us over the past two years. We look forward to cultivating more relationships going forward.”