Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star Swanley Smith hits back at wife Josie’s claims about why they split

Swanley Smith and his teen bride Josie shot to fame after featuring on hit Channel 4 show, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings…

However, the couple have recently split – something which is still a taboo among the traveller community – with Josie telling the press that Swanley lied to her, treated her like a “maid” and frittered away their savings on items for himself and his family.

But in today’s Sun, in an exclusive interview, Swanley has refuted Josie’s claims, and has even promised to hand over all the items he bought for himself, if she comes back to him.

Of the split, and of being separated from his toddler daughter, who’s also called Josie, Swanley said, “I’ve had my heart broken twice — I’ve lost my wife and my child.

“I love them dearly and I’d take them back in a thunderbolt.”

And while discussing Josie’s claims that Swanley treated her like a “maid”, he said, “That was her job!”

And though that sounds – and is, as far as I’m concerned – incredibly chauvinistic, it is widely accepted in the traveller community that wives stay at home to clean, cook and raise children, while the men go out to work.

Then while talking about the lavish items Swanley bought for himself and his family out of a compensation payout of £100,000, he said, “I bought her things with it. She compared herself to Victoria Beckham with all her stuff.

“Where does that come from? It didn’t fall from a tree. I got that stuff. We lived in a caravan that was only two months old. That doesn’t come cheap.

“I bought her all the things she wanted, like Waterford Crystal. Whatever she asked for, I got for her.”

He added, “She can keep the Rolex, she can keep the caravan, she can keep the vehicles.”

However, there are some things he’s not prepared to sacrifice to put his family back together.

He said of his Xbox, “I need that. I’m not getting bored.”

And while answering Josie’s claim that he spent hours upon hours on the games console, Swanley says that she did likewise with her sunbed.

He said, “I told her, ‘I won’t play on the Xbox for two weeks solid if you don’t have a sunbed’.

“She couldn’t do that. That was too difficult for her. The Xbox thing is her way of getting at me.

“I won’t lie. When the baby fell asleep and she was asleep I’d have a couple of hours on the games. It was relaxing for me.

“There was even a game we used to play together called Dragon Age. I used to buy her all her own games, all the Disney ones.

“She spent a lot of time on Facebook and that really got on my nerves. She’d be on there for hours and I’d moan at her saying she had to clean up.”

But when asked if he would be prepared to help out in their home if Josie comes back to him, Swanley said, “I wouldn’t help out with the housework. She’s home, she should do it.

“In our ways every girl should do that stuff. That’s how it works.

“Josie didn’t get up until two in the afternoon. If I’m at work all day she should sort out the home. It’s not a man’s place to do that.

“She says she felt like the maid — well, I felt like the bank.”

He then added, “She said she wants me to pay for the divorce, and she doesn’t want to see me and she doesn’t want me to see my child again. That hurts so much.

“I breathe and die for my child. I want to see her but I want to get the awkward stuff out of the way.

“I thought she was just saying divorce out of anger. Then I saw her interview in The Sun and it shocked me.

“I’d love to think she was bluffing, but I don’t think she is. I know her. She’s my woman.

“It was genuine when we got married. She loved me and I loved her.

“If she rang me and said she missed me, I’d say, ‘I miss you, too. Now stop being silly and come back’.

“To this day she is still the best-looking woman I’ve ever seen.

“The spark is still there and I thought it was for her too. She should still have feelings for me.”

We will of course keep you posted on what happens next!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.