The Blacklist retains 97% of its audience and sets new Live+3 record

by Nick Barnes


If you needed any sort of confirmation that the critics aren’t always right, then this is it…

The number of live ratings between the premiere and second episode of NBC’s brand new drama, The Blacklst dropped quite a bit, which prompted critics to brand the new drama a flop. However, it has been revealed that The Blacklist has set a new record for the biggest L+3 results.

Following Monday’s second episode, the ratings revealed that quite a number of the viewers who saw the premiere had dropped off. Critics were quick to say that NBC had once again failed when it came to helming a brand new drama. However, little did they realise their opinion was far from the truth.

Admittedly, a significant number of people didn’t watch live, but they did watch on catch-up. The latest live+3 results (live plus three days of extra viewing) showed over five million extra viewers watched The Blacklist following its slot on Monday.

That means, Monday’s episode has averaged 16.429 million viewers including live+3 results, an increase of 5.081 million viewers or 45% versus its 11.348 million in live+SD.


It also means that more people saw the show on catch-up this week, than they did with the premiere last week. Although there has been a very slight drop off between the premiere and the second episode, NBC has managed to retain 97% of its audience and is still performing exceptionally well.

Not only that, the 5 million extra viewers is a new record for live plus three day data.

Elsewhere, it has been confirmed that the show has been given a full series commitment of 22 episodes.

NBC’s Jennier Jalke said in a statement: “The many layers of Red Reddington and his mysterious reasons for getting into bed with the FBI seem to be fascinating to fans of this show. With great talent like James Spader and Megan Boone on board, as well our stellar executive producers and the whole cast and crew, we believe this outstanding series will continue to make NBC a big destination on Monday nights.”

The Blacklist continues on Monday at 10/9c on NBC!