Blake Fielder-Civil banned from Amy Winhouse’s funeral and ‘left out’ of her will!

Blake Fielder-Civil has been banned from his ex wife’s, Amy Winehouse, funeral by her father Mitch, The Metro reports today.

Amy’s funeral will take place today, and will only be attended by close family and friends, it has been reported, with a strict ban on her ex’s attendance.

It has been no secret that Mitch has always held Fielder-Civil mainly responsible for his daughter’s self destruction, so this ban comes as no real surprise, what is surprising, however, is that it would seem he has been left out of her will.

Amy, who shot to fame with albums Frank and Back to Black, despite her frivolous lifestyle, had an estimated net worth of around £10 million due to her platinum selling albums and her own record label, Lioness Records, with whom her god daughter Dionne Bromfield is signed to.

It has come to light that after the pair split in 2009, Amy changed her will to ensure that the former filming assistant could not get his hands on any of her money, most likely at the insistence of her financial and legal teams, as well as a gentle nudge from her father.

The pair were married for two years when after a series of violent rows, one of which saw Amy wandering round Camden with bleeding feet, and after a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol, they split for good after Blake was sent to prison.

Rumours have always been rife that Amy did not want to be apart from Blake, who she often referred to as her soul mate and that she was merely adhering to the advice and intervention of others. When she died on Saturday, everyone expected to see this in the form of a majority stake of her fortune being left to the jail bird, but for once, Amy has surprised us in a good way.

Instead, it is thought that her fortune will be divided between her immediate family, her mum Janis, father Mitch and brother Alex, and not shared between Fielder-Civil and a cats home.

A source told the Daily Mail: ‘Around the time of the divorce, all of Amy’s finances were sorted out and Blake can’t get is hands on any of it.
‘I am pretty sure that Amy does have a will. As a matter of course with record contracts, financial advisors will make sure that is done.’

It is also rumoured that Amy will be cremated at 3pm today and that her ashes, at the request of the talented singer, will be mixed with those of her beloved grandmother, Sylvia, who died of cancer in 2006.