The Boss, Bruce Springsteen admits Kanye West is “incredible” and Jared Leto said he’d what?

by Martin
Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

It’s certainly not a pairing we’d have put together but it turns out The Boss, Bruce Springsteen is quite a big fan of rapper Kanye West.

Bruce Springsteen has had a fantastic start to 2014 after his tenth studio album ‘High Hopes’ went straight to the top of the Official Albums Chart.

Bruce Springsteen has spoken out about Kanye West and has said that he thinks the US rapper is “incredible” and that his music is well thought out.

We certainly didn’t see that one coming, nothing against Kanye West of course, it must be a great feeling when someone as legendary as Bruce Springsteen compliments you.

Kanye West 3

Speaking to NPR Springsteen said: “[He] is incredible. I mean, the record-making facility, there’s a lot of hours in those records. And I saw him on television, he did the song called ‘Blood on the Leaves’ on Later…With Jools Holland – it was fantastic, you know.” 

He continued: “I still find him very interesting. I’m not necessarily driving [to] it in my car, you know. I probably fall back on the stuff that I listened to as a kid or something if I’m driving around.”

“But I do listen. I listen to [it] a lot because there’s a lot of information in it and it’s just fascinating record-making.”

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Kanye West seems quite popular among fellow musicians right now as Jared Leto who admitted in an interview with MTV News that he’d rather be married to Kanye than Kim Kardashian because conversation is a huge part of any relationship.

Leto said: “You have to have an eternal conversation, if you’re going to be in a relationship. You have to be with someone you can talk to about anything, forever… I’d have to pick Kanye.”

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts below and have a listen to the Bruce Springsteen classic ‘Born In The USA’ below.