Boxing Day 2013: Don’t miss Disney Pixar’s ‘Cars 2’

by Martin

Cars 2This is your 30 minute warning!

We hope you had a great Christmas Day yesterday. We all did though the holiday season isn’t over yet. It’s still getting well underway.

There are a host of great movies on today and we’re going to give you a 30 minute warning on our TV picks including this Disney Pixar movie ‘Cars 2’ which is starting in half an hour on BBC One.

These animation movies tend to be aimed more at kids however (much like Toy Story) adults often find enjoyment in them as well.

‘Cars 2’ is no different and as you can probably guess is the sequel to the hugely popular ‘Cars’ which was first released back in 2006.

The story behind ‘Cars 2’ follows racing car Lightning McQueen voiced by Owen Wilson and his friend Mater (a tow truck) voiced by Larry the Cable Guy.

Cars 2 1

The pair head overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race but Mater gets caught up in his own adventure along the way which could put Lightning’s chances of competing in jeopardy.

What does Mater get caught up in –¬†international espionage as a spy attaches a tracking device to Mater believing he’s the spy they’re looking after.

Sound complicated? It really isn’t.

It’s a great family movie for Boxing Day whether you’re with the kids or just need sometime to breath away from them and their toys.

Cars 2 4

‘Cars 2’ is a fun action packed movie and doesn’t require you to have seen the first movie to understand what is going on.

Stick with Unreality TV tonight as we have more picks of what’s on TV this Boxing Day 2013.

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In the meantime before the movie starts, if you’re not convinced then watch the official trailer for ‘Cars 2’ below.

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