Boxing Day 2013: Don’t miss ‘Independence Day’

by Martin

independence-dayThis is your 30 minute warning!

It’s that time of year when all the movies you’ve probably seen many times before appear again. We wonder who we need to have a word with about getting more recent movies on air.

However, that being said ‘Independence Day’ is a classic and people seem to enjoy watching it otherwise they wouldn’t bother showing it again and again.

‘Independence Day’ was first released in 1996 and it’s the story of aliens eventually arriving on planet Earth. However they’re not coming quietly.

It’s July 2nd and around the world communication systems are affected by strange interference which is causing them to work incorrectly.

The Military learn that a number of objects are headed straight for Earth but it’s soon discovered that in fact it’s not meteors, it’s a giant spacecraft flown by mysterious aliens.


Attempts are made to communicate with the aliens but that leads nowhere and on July 3rd the aliens completely destroy New York, Washington and Los Angeles.

July 4th is named ‘Independence Day’ after survivors create a plan to fight back against the alien life and fight for their own freedom.

The budget for the movie is estimated to have been around $75,000,000 and around the world on its first release in 1996 the movie starring Will Smith was a huge success with the movie making $50,228,264 in the US on it’s opening weekend.

independence day

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Watch an official trailer for ‘Independence Day’ below and let us know if you’ll be tuning in or if you wish they’d put something different on!