How to Get Away With Murder pilot synopsis & spoiler pics LOOK!

What's next for Annalise and her team?

how to get away with murder

We’ve already brought you news of the pilots set to hit our screens in the not so distant future and now we have details on yet another one. ABC have released photos and a synposis of the brand new legal drama staring Academy Award nominee Viola Davis and OITNB’s Matt McGorry which is set to premiere during the 2014-2015 season. It is to air post Scandal on Thursday’s over in the States.

Head inside for all the deets including photos courtesy of Spoiler TV and the trailer…

What we know about the show so far is that Viola Davis plays brilliant and charismatic Criminal Law professor Annalise Keating and the synposis describes her as “sexy, glamorous and unpredictable”. Also a defense attorney, Keating represents some unsavory characters from those who have commited arson to murder and she’ll do anything to make sure her clients get off scott free.

In her role as a Criminal Law professor, each year she picks a group of the most promising students to work at her law firm. Due to her high profile, working for Keating is a big deal and the lucky students will have their lives changed forever – also by the small fact they get themselves in a murder plot which apparently “rocks the university”

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Alongside Viola, starring in the show is Matt McGorry from Orange Is The New Black as Asher Millstone. While Tom Verica, who is the co-executive producer of Scandal will return to acting as Annalise’s husband in a recurring role. Billy Brown who recently starred in the Hostages as Archer Petit, will be a series regular called Nate Leahy –  a love interest of Annalise.

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It’s set to be a big TV period for Shonda Rhimes with Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal both airing on Thursday’s  – making that three dramas produced by Rhimes airing on ABC. If How to Get Away With Murder reaches half the popularity of Grey’s and Scandal – it’s sure to be a success for Rhimes and the network with legal dramas proving to be extremely popular with House of Cards on Netflix too.

When we find out more about this exciting pilot we will let you know. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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