Breaking Bad: Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) talks “Consequences everywhere”

by Martin

AMC's "Breaking Bad" Season 5 Premiere - Comic-Con International 2012

‘Breaking Bad’ is almost over. I think each time I write that I die a little inside. I didn’t start watching the show until this year and I played catch up to be ready for season 5.

For those who have watched from when it first aired in 2008 I can only imagine for you it’s been quite the journey but this coming Sunday night (Monday in the UK on Netflix) it all comes to an end, forever.

Bob Odenkirk, who plays attorney Saul Goodman recently spoke with The Telegraph and discussed getting into the show, if he had watched previously to getting the role and if he even had to audition.

Not only that but he discusses what everyone else is thinking about – the final season in the run up to the entire finale. Don’t worry though, he doesn’t give away any spoilers – nothing that don’t already know or expect.

Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk joined the show at the tail end of season two and was asked if prior to joining the cast if he’d seen the show:

No, I’d never seen it. I never sat down and watched it until I’d done a season of it, because I have little kids at home and you can’t put that show on when little kids are running around.”

“But I had a good friend called Reed Harrison who I’d been writing with and I called him up and he said, ‘Oh my god, it’s the best show on TV, you’ve got to be in that’ so that was a strong endorsement from a friend and I took it.”

“Then I spoke to Vince Gilligan and he explained who the character was and I thought I could handle that.”


Odenkirk continued and spoke about whether or not he had to audition to get the part of Saul Goodman or if the part was just offered to him:

“It was offered to me, which is curious. I think you need to ask Vince Gilligan why, but he was a fan of my TV show which was called Mr Show with Bob and David (with David Cross from Arrested Development), it was a sketch comedy show which you guys never got over there.”

“I never pried too hard because, obviously it’s the golden goose and I’m just thankful I got a chance to be in it. But I wonder what part of Mr Show it was that made Vince think I could do this.”


While everyone in the cast is sworn to secrecy and no one likes a spoiler anyway Bob Odenkirk was asked about the final eight episodes as a whole leading up to the finale (which will air this coming Sunday):

“This show is going to have a big eight episode ending. It is a massive shattering of this character’s world, of this universe created by Vince Gilligan.”

“It is very surprising, you cannot tell where it’s going and it’s very satisfying and shocking. It’s just amazing, a fantastic piece of writing, because Vince had an ending and this is where he wanted to go.”

“No bad deed goes unpunished is their little slogan, but boy oh boy is it true. Consequences everywhere, bloody, bloody, horrible consequences. And I hope you enjoy it. Gather the family around and enjoy.

Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul Goodman is set to have his own spin-off show when ‘Breaking Bad’ comes to a conclusion.

Don’t forget the finale (which also affected the penultimate episode) is extended by 15 additional minutes so set your DVRs accordingly.