Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston talks about the shows end and his character

by Martin


Hit AMC crime drama Breaking Bad is drawing to a close, with only four episodes left of Season 5 – and the entire show it seems that Cranston’s character Walter White will find catharsis by the end.

Breaking Bad has been on air since January 2008 and has ran for 5 seasons with (by the end) 62 episodes gripping fans across the world. Yesterday Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul Goodman spoke about how he avoided seeing the script for the final episode entirely.

Bryan Cranston plays leading role ‘Walter White’ a chemistry teacher who finds out he has lung cancer and turns to a life of crime and with the help of a former student marketing the worlds purest crystal meth but with TV things are never that smooth.

Throw in a wife, a brother in law who works for the D.E.A and some drug lords and you have the perfect TV show.


In an interview with RadioTimes Bryan Cranston spoke about the shows ending and how it’ll be a “roller coaster ride” for all. Cranston was also asked if Walt will feel catharsis by the end:

“I think some will feel that, and yet what is the price that he paid?” said Cranston. “Just like [William Shakespeare’s] King Lear what was the price?”

“He had the loss of his daughters, the splintering of a family and disintegration of a great king and a man to resemble a shadow of himself.”

Bryan Cranston, who is one of the shows producers also spoke about how fans feelings towards the character would change but he refused to reveal whether or not his character would die:

“Here’s my prediction. Before all is said and done, you will continue to vacillate in your appeal and sympathy toward him and then your absolute anger toward him. And yet it is a tragedy. We’re talking about a Shakespearean story. This is about the downfall of man”


“The thing that affects people when they’re watching a tragedy, whether it’s Shakespeare or contemporary, is that the potential of the human being, the potential of a person, was there and it didn’t work out.

“If we’re introduced to a character that’s despicable and they continue their despicable nature, we don’t sense that as a tragedy because we hated them from the beginning. They’re just the villains.”

So while Breaking Bad finishes in a few weeks time it seems that everyone and we mean everyone is keeping tight lipped about who lives and who dies and how it will all end.

While you’re here why not watch the following video. If you’ve not seen all the episodes then you may want to avoid this. These videos put a different light on Breaking Bad and imagine it if it were a sitcom on ABC.