Breaking Bad: What did the cast take from the set? The list includes car licence plates, crazy ducks and erm… sunglasses!

by Nick Barnes


The sad news about this article is that it reminds us all that Breaking Bad will come to an end on Sunday. But, nevertheless the cast of the show have revealed what they stole from the set after filming wrapped.

Well… maybe not stole. Took as sentimental possessions. Yep, that sounds right. Bryan Cranston who plays the main protagonist Walter said he only took Heisenberg’s hat and sunglasses.

Aaron Paul who plays Jesse took Jesse’s licence plate from his first cat, a Heisenberg hat and Vince Gilligan has promised him the burnt pink teddy bear from season 2.

“I really wanted something that symbolized Jesse in a way, and I know that might be kind of a long shot, but I think that pink teddy bear really symbolized the relationship between Jesse and Jane. It wouldn’t have landed in Walt’s pool if it weren’t for Jane’s father. So that was very nice of Vince.” He told Entertainment Weekly.

Meanwhile, Anna Gunn on the other hand took one of the three portraits of her, Walt and Walt Jr. “I’m actually putting in a request for those crazy ducks that were on our glass coffee table in the living room,” she joked.


Hank’s portrayer Dean Norris says he took Tuco’s grill and the axe that almost cut his head off as he had it signed by all the principals in that scene. “I took my bomber DEA jacket. And I took the Hank Schrader desk plate that was on the desk,” he continued.

Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul said he couldn’t take anything as they needed it for the spin-off show which is set to launch soon.

He explained: “They needed everything [for the spin-off]. The only set that they put in storage was Saul’s. They gave me the bus stop bench ad, signed by the cast and crew.  That’s the best. That’s what I would have asked for. It’s really awesome.”

Other items from cast members include the director’s chairs and crutches! They’re a crazy bunch the Breaking Bad cast.

Breaking Bad comes to an end on AMC on Sunday evening!