Breaking Bad: Creator Vince Gilligan says the series finale “gets pretty crazy”

by Nick Barnes


Breaking Bad creator and showrunner Vince Gilligan has said that the series finale “gets pretty crazy!” – Ah, that’s what we like to hear! When has Breaking Bad NOT been crazy?

The series finale of Breaking Bad is set to air in just over a week’s time on September 29. Speaking to E! News, Gilligan added that the show just continues on the bat-rap roller coaster it’s always been on.

He joked: “It gets very serene and calm from here on out…”

In a more serious tone, he added: “No, it gets pretty crazy.

“I mean, it’s been crazy but it continues to be the roller coaster you’ve come to expect from the show”.

Gilligan went on to say that he feels it hard to root for Walter now after everything the character has been through. Some fans of the show still love Walter but he just finds him “fascinating”.


He continued: “I personally find it hard to root for Walt myself these days. But people are still rooting for Walt, God bless them.

“If they’re still digging Walt, that’s great. I still find him fascinating. I find him a little harder to root for, but I wouldn’t argue with anyone. However, you feel about him is cool”.

Meanwhile, AMC has announced that it will be airing ALL five seasons of Breaking bad over a five day period in the run up to the series finale.

It has been revealed that seasons one through four will air from 8pm on September 25 to late September 27. The fifth season of the show will kick off at 11pm on September 28 and will run up to the series finale at 9pm the following day.

Breaking Bad comes to an end on AMC on September 29, whilst fans in the UK can stream the same episode the day after via Netflix!