Breaking Bad: Ending kept creator Vince Gilligan awake at night (Spoilers)

by Martin

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One of the best TV shows I personally have ever watched is due to end tomorrow night. That’s right, AMC will air the final ever episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ tomorrow night in the US and UK fans will be able to watch it on Netflix on the Monday morning.

Last weekend ‘Breaking Bad’ was nominated for 10 awards at the 2013 Emmys and eventually walked away with three including Best Drama which creator Vince Gilligan said he was not expecting.

Vince Gilligan has spoken about the finale with The Telegraph and has discussed how ‘no bad deed goes unpunished’. The creator of the show also mentioned his feelings towards ‘Walter White’ played by Bryan Cranston.

He also spoke about how the ending kept him awake at night and how he and the ‘Breaking Bad’ team have worked extremely hard to ensure leaks of the final episodes including the big final weren’t leaked ahead of the show being aired.

Gilligan speaking about his feelings towards ‘Walter White’ said:

“He is a really fascinating character and always will remain so for me, but I found him very sympathetic and very likeable in the pilot episode.”


“I felt sorry for him being mistreated by his students, I knew he wanted his family to be protected, taken care of. But as the episodes have progressed, his constant lying to his family and to himself has worn down the sympathy that I feel towards the man.”

Vince Gilligan continued and spoke about a quote made by Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul Goodman and had said ‘no deed goes unpunished’. Gilligan said:

“I prefer to find structure and morality when I can in my writing,” says Gilligan, “So yes, there is a certain moral clockwork to Breaking Bad, partly born of the fact that I’ve watched a lot of TV in my life and very often in television actions don’t have consequences.”

“I’ve written TV shows, by the way, in which the main character shoots and kills someone in an episode and the next week it’s just never mentioned again.”


“That’s not the nature of reality. Bob is right, we do often hew to the philosophy that no bad deed goes unpunished, although we also sometimes hew to the philosophy that no good deed goes unpunished as well. The actions everyone takes do have consequences.”

Leaks for most people in the public eye are a big thing whether you’re a writer for a show, a musician or an actor. People do what they can to spoil it for others but Gilligan has said that ‘Breaking Bad’ has had “heavy-hitting security people” working behind the scenes to ensure nothing is leaked.

Gilligan also spoke about the ending of the show and said how it kept him awake at night:

“Oh yeah,” Gilligan said whilst sighing. “It’s weighed on me greatly. The fear of not getting the ending right has kept me awake a great many nights, but I feel good about the ending. It was hard fought. It took a long time and a lot of work to arrive at but I feel very good about it.”

‘Breaking Bad’, the final episode ever will air tomorrow night on AMC while UK & Ireland fans can watch it Monday morning on Netflix – the episode usually goes up around 9am (GMT).

Watch a preview of the finale below.