Breaking Bad gets hilarious ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ alternate ending (VIDEO)

by Nick Barnes

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Breaking Bad came to an end a couple of months back now with a fitting series finale which drew the biggest ratings the show had ever seen.

However, have you ever wondered how an alternate ending may change the course of the WHOLE show? If so, it may be your lucky day! To celebrate the release of the DVD, an alternate ending has been included in the box set, and it’s a must see!

The alternate ending has somehow found its way online prior to the box set being released on November 26, and we have to say, it’s hilarious.

The premise of the alternate ending is that the whole series has been a bad dream and Bryan Cranston’s Walter White never was a meth dealer.

Not exactly in true Breaking Bad style, Cranston reprises his ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ role as he wakes up from quite a terrifying nightmare. The alternate ending sees him recounting the bad dream to his wife Lois, who is played by Jane Kaczmarek.

He says: “I just had the scariest dream! You don’t understand, I was this meth dealer. Yeah, I was this world class chemist and I cooked this ultra-pure meth amphetamine. There was this guy who never spoke, he just rang this bell all the time.

“Then there was this other guy, he was a policeman or DEA agent and I think he was my brother or something – he looked like the guy from the shield. Then there was this other little guy who was a man-child-kid who always looked like he was wearing his older brother’s clothes”.


He goes on to explain that his “man child kid” used to always say the “B word”.

“Then there was me,” he continues “I had a shaved head and a goatee ad I wore a black hat and the only thing that made sense in the whole dream was that I still walked around in my underwear”.

“I knew this was goin to happen. Suddenly you grow a beard and you think you’re Osama Bin Laden. Wasn’t I there to tell you to knock it off?” Lois asks him.

“No, some other woman did that,” he adds “I was married to this tall, beautiful blonde”.

After he unloads his problems on Lois, Walter slowly takes off his pants and starts “poking” her in the back… the camera then slowly pans to a black hat sat on the chair in the bedroom.

The alternate ending is hilarious – the best 4 minutes of video you’ll see today. Check it out below!