‘Breaking Bad’ star Bob Odenkirk talks about the shows final episodes

by Martin

Bob Odenkirk

‘Breaking Bad’ is almost drawing to a close. After five seasons we’ve seen the ups and downs of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman as they both struggle with their own demons and try to survive.

The show which is written by Vince Gilligan stars ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Star Bryan Cranston as the lead role.

Cranston plays a Chemistry teacher who discovers he has lung cancer and follows him and his former student as they create and sell the world’s purest crystal meth.

So far so good, we haven’t given much away but be warned, this story may contain spoilers if you aren’t currently caught up with the show so please read on at your own risk.

Bob Odenkirk who plays criminal attorney Saul Goodman in the AMC drama has spoken in an interview about the show and says “It shatters into a million pieces” but also spoke about his decision to not know what happens in the final episode.

Bob Odenkirk Bryan Cranston

When asked about just how disturbing the final episodes are the actor, speaking to Collider said: “It’s just a car crash. It shatters into a million pieces.”

“Vince (show creator) doesn’t duck the consequences of this all coming out.  It gets rough and it gets difficult for everybody. This is what Vince set up.”

The Breaking Bad star spoke about the last ever episode and his decision to not know what happens: “I followed the story, script by script.  I made a point of not reading the last episode, so I don’t know what happens.

“The show is so great, in that you can’t tell where it’s going, but when it goes there, it makes sense.  It isn’t random choices.  It’s all based in character.  (Show creator) Vince [Gilligan] is amazing.”

Odenkirk also spoke about how it felt when he was shooting the final few episodes of the hit AMC show: “Nobody knew where this was going, and you could feel it all the time.”

Bob Odenkirk 2

“So, every script really was a surprise and a discovery, for every actor.  But, it’s only amped up because we knew we only had eight left and this thing was hurdling towards an ending.  Otherwise, it was the same job.”

Breaking Bad (sadly) is coming to an end, there are only (at time of writing) four episodes left with the entire finale airing on the 29th of September in the US (Monday the 30th on Netflix in the UK).

Last night I came across this rather amusing video which takes a completely different look at Breaking Bad (and yes it may contain spoilers). What if Breaking Bad had instead been aired on the ABC Network as a sitcom?