Breaking Bad: Writer hints at location for spin-off ‘Better Call Saul’ (Spoilers)

by Martin

AMC's "Breaking Bad" Season 5 Premiere - Comic-Con International 2012

Hit AMC drama ‘Breaking Bad’ hadn’t reached its conclusion when we found out that one of the shows characters Saul Goodman would be getting his own spin-off show ‘Better Call Saul’.

‘Breaking Bad’ finished on the 29th of September after five seasons and it was in the middle of October that filming was due to take place on ‘Better Call Saul’ featuring ‘Breaking Bad’ attorney Saul Goodman played by Bob Odenkirk.

Peter Gould, writer and co-executive producer of ‘Breaking Bad’ hinted that Saul Goodman and ‘Better Call Saul’ may take place in a courtroom quite a bit – which would make sense considering his role in ‘Breaking Bad’.

Though when he appeared in ‘Breaking Bad’ we never seen him in a courtroom, mainly in his office but it would make perfect sense.

Bob Odenkirk

Peter Gould spoke with Yahoo TV and spoke about the ‘Better Call Saul’ spin-off and noted that Goodman was always good at his job despite his clownishness to which Gould agreed:

“Yes, that’s part of the paradox of Saul Goodman and one of the things that made him fun, even right back in that first episode. He looks like a clown. Frankly, I’ve been hanging around in courtrooms lately, and it’s not as broad as I thought originally.”

He continued: “He dresses in a ridiculous way, he’s got billboards, he’s got ridiculous ads, but he is a shrewd customer. If you listen, most of his advice to Walt over the years in the show was really good advice.”

“If Walt had listened to Saul a little bit more, I think the show would have gone very differently and probably would not have been as exciting.”


When Gould was asked if the time he spent in courtrooms was for research he said: “Yeah, there’s a little bit of that. A little bit of research.”

Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul Goodman spoke with Access Hollywood a few days ago and admitted that the creative side of the series including the structure is still being worked out: “Maybe it’s a prequel, maybe it’s a sequel, maybe it’s both… we’ll see!”

Bryan Cranston also said to the publication that he would be open to making a guest appearance: “I would definitely do any appearance on the show … If it made sense, sure absolutely. We’ll see.”

Gould previously spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Saul Goodman and said: “He’s not a character I’ve seen before.”


“So much of Breaking Bad is about playing out ideas of morality and how you live in the world, and this is a guy who has a philosophy which is internally consistent but is also kind of strange.”

“In addition to the fact that he always amuses us and we’re always ready to see more, the guy is a problem solver. He solves problems in his own way. He’s just as innovative as Walt is, so that really gives us a lot of stories and a lot of places to go with him.

Bob Odenkirk also hinted that if all goes well we could see ‘Better Call Saul’ by the end of 2014: We’re very excited about it and they’re getting started on the effort and I guess, hopefully, before next year is done it’ll be on the air,” said Odenkirk.

“I’m just excited to put the hairpieces on and the gold socks. Please, everybody, don’t buy gold socks. We’re going to need a couple pairs.”

One creative YouTube user pondered what ‘Breaking Bad’ would have been like if it had been featured on ABC as a family show which you can see below.

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