BRIT Awards 2014: Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys faces backlash over controversial speech

by Martin
BRITs Arctic Monkeys speech

Alex Turner BRITs

Last night at the BRIT Awards 2014 rock band Arctic Monkeys won two awards including British Group and Mastercard Album of the Year for ‘AM’.

In a night which was packed with music and of course the presentation of the gongs it seemed that some viewers weren’t impressed with the speech given by controversial frontman Alex Turner but was he being ‘arrogant’?

The Arctic Monkeys opened the BRIT Awards last night in London’s O2 Arena, getting things off to a rather fiery start! Host James Corden even had his arm set on fire.

In the mind of their fans the band can do no wrong but during their acceptance speech last night Alex took his opportunity and voiced his opinion on the state of music right now.

Arctic Monkeys BRITs speech

It’s no secret that rock music the past few years has taken a bit of a back seat, especially in the charts, and for a while pop and R&B seemingly proved more popular in mainstream music.

However, that being said, last year rock shot back up and outsold pop for the first time in several years, thanks to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Bastille and Jake Bugg to name a few.

At the BRITS Turner used his acceptance speech to remind the industry that no matter how many others will try, rock and roll “just won’t go away” adding that “it might hibernate from time to time, sink back into the swamp”.

Turner also reminded us that rock and roll is “always waiting there, just around the corner” explaining that it’s ready to come back through the “sludge” and return better than ever.

Perhaps having a jibe at other musicians in the room who were a little too cheesy for his liking, he wrapped up by saying “Yeah, that rock and roll, it seems like it’s faded away sometimes but it will never die.” adding that “there’s nothing you can do about it”.

During the ceremony we were live tweeting @UnrealityTV and were watching the tweets come in about his speech and for many, there was some confusion as to what just happened.

BRITs Arctic Monkeys speech

Since then people have been tweeting mixed opinions in regards to the speech, some in favour, some wondering what just happened.

A few tweets can be seen below, we’ve removed names though to prevent any arguments or attacks breaking out.

Also just watched that Alex turner speech. He is a brilliant musician but he comes across like a right tosser”

“I can’t watch Alex Turner’s speech without cringing. Sorry, window closing now. Bye! #BRITAwards2014

“Was alex turner joking in that whole rock and roll speech thing or was he genuinely going for douche of the year?”

“Alex Turner’s speech at the Brits was so cocky but I love him”

What do you think, was he “cocky’ or did he come across as a “tosser” or was it good that he got the chance to state his case?

Watch the speech below and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  1. Elizabeth Clewes on February 20, 2014 at 11:30 am

    What an idiot!!!!!
    What the hell was he on about!!!
    Talking rubbish!!!!!@

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