Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Final Five Predictions – Strictly Wheels, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Hope Murphy, Aquabatique to shine?

by Matt D

So last night was the first time that my top pick didn’t get through to the next round but who would think that little Malaki wouldn’t get through? Anyway moving on here are my picks for Thursday’s final semi-final.

1. Strictly Wheels ( Wheelchair Dance Duo)
I can’t be the only one who found Strictly Wheels both endearing and inspirational however I’m sure they wouldn’t want the latter term applied to them. Paula, who had been confined to a wheelchair after contracting MRSA, used her disability to her advantage and incorporated her chair into the routine she performed with dance partner Gary.

Even though Strictly Wheels may garner a few sympathy votes due to Paula’s disability in my opinion they are the most talented act in this semi-final so deserve to go straight through to the final.

2. Ryan O’Shaughnessy (Singer)

The act that has courted the most controversy during the competition is O’Shaughnessy, who performed a self-penned song about one of his friends who he was desperately in love with. Ryan sparked a lot of tabloid and online articles searching for this girl, who was eventually identified, which in turn gave him a memorable story before the semi-finals. Then it turned out that he was already contracted to The Voice of Ireland therefore, in Simon’s own words, had taken the place of someone who deserved it so I’m still not sure why he invited Ryan back. These stories should help Ryan with the phone votes however some people may be reticent to phone in for this guy who seems to have been given one too many chances in addition if he sings the same song again then we may tire of him very quickly.

3. Hope Murphy (Singer)
Ryan’s main competition has to be sixteen year old Hope as she is another singer who, unlike him, was never on another show. After being stopped from singing a Pixie Lott song she instead made her way through Maxwell’s This Woman’s Work in a very professional manner. For me Hope was possibly the best of the young female singers to get through to the semi-finals however it remains to be seen if she can connect with an audience. I feel if people think that Ryan doesn’t deserve a place in the final then Hope may be sent through instead.

4. Aquabatique (Synchronised Swimmers)
These four girls were all former Olympic hopefuls for our own synchronised swimming team however due to unforeseen circumstances they dropped out instead forming this underwater dance quartet. As talented as these girls are I feel that there are logistical issues after the judges were forced to go outside to watch them in a giant tank during the auditions so it’s in the best interests of everyone involved if these girls don’t get through to the final. If it weren’t for the tank problems I think these girls might have a chance just because the act is something that hasn’t been seen in the show’s history.

5. Face Team (Basketball/Trampoline Stunts)
A Bulgarian basketball team is something you don’t see every day and the stunts that this troupe performed in the auditions were occasionally breath-taking. Simon did ask these boys to step it up and if they do then the public might take to them however there’s only a certain number of ways to shoot basketballs through hoops so I don’t think this act is one that will connect with another people at home who are able to vote for who they want in the final.

6. Billy George (Cyr Wheel Performer)
I didn’t know what a Cyr Wheel was before I read Billy’s biography and saw that it was basically a hula-hoop as in the thing you put round your waist rather than the salty snack. Those of you who’ve been reading these columns know that if you were featured in a montage during the audition stage then your chance of reaching the final is nil. So even if Billy does an amazing routine I feel that his fate has already been decided for him by the show’s editors.

7. Callum Oakley (Comedian)
Similarly Callum was also featured in a montage where we saw the young comic make David Walliams laugh with his computer game themed routine however it’s hard for a comedian to get over with an audience especially one so young so I think Callum should be happy just to be able to perform his material on the big stage.

8. Grieg Stewart (Laser Harp Player)
As I am a massive geek I appreciated Grieg Stewart, who likes to go by the stage name Theremin Hero, as he performed the theme tune to Tetris on a harp that was made of beams of light. I don’t think this will work with an audience at all but it’s just good to see us geeks represented in some way on prime time television.

9. Martyn Crofts (Dalek Impressionist)
I wonder if he’ll bring his saucepan back with him again? Yes the man who put a pot on his head and impersonated a Dalek somehow got into the semi-final but then again you need these rubbish filler acts to balance out those who are actually quite good. I just hope Martyn doesn’t embarrass his kids too much however I won’t hold my breath.

Do you think my predictions for the last semi-final are correct? Who do you think will take the last two spots in the final?
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