Britain’s Got Talent: Semi-Final Four Predictions – Malakai Paul, Sam Kelly, Nu Sxool, Brynolf and Ljung to shine?

by Matt D

Oh well the first slip-up had to happen, and my predictions were a little off yesterday. I thought the public were sick of young singers but with Molly coming in second I was clearly wrong. With that in mind here are my predictions for Wednesday’s semi-final show.

1. Malaki Paul (Singer)
After what I’ve said about child singers over the last few days I’m now going to eat my words by predicting big things for Malaki but then you can thank my mum for that who really enjoyed Malaki’s voice. But I’m not just influenced by my mother as many will remember Malaki from his audition where he sung Beyonce’s Listen only to break down and be comforted by his terrified mother.

The fact Malaki picked himself up again means that the public fell in love with him and will be voting for him despite how good or bad he may be in the semi-final. Let’s just hope he gets through it this time without crying or Simon will have to delay the news again.

2. Sam Kelly (Singer/Guitarist)

Personally I didn’t think Sam Kelly, who was on the very first show, was anything special but then I’m not a teenage girl so what do I know. I feel Sam will appeal to the younger ladies as he is a fairly handsome chap as well as being able to sing and strum a guitar at the same time. I’m not saying he’s not talented but he’s nothing more than competent plus he sung Adele and that’s a bit of a boring song choice at the moment especially when tonight we’ve heard Terrence Trent D’arby and Roxette. The fact Sam has been put in a semi-final where there’s not a lot of competition will see him sailing through to the final however I might be wrong and people will be sick of singers after tonight’s intake.

3. Nu Sxool (Street Dance)
Despite the Twist & Pulse Dance Company deserving to go through tonight it wasn’t to be so there’s still room for one Street Dance act in the final. Though not the best street dance group in the semi-finals Nu Sxool have got something going for them namely that there are plenty of cute kids within the crew. I feel that they’ll need to step it up to garner enough votes to get into the top three however I feel that they’ve still got a chance as there’s no contemporary dance acts in Saturday’s final yet.

4. Brynolf and Ljung (Magicians)
Magic always gets a bad rap on Britain’s Got Talent especially as Simon Cowell has got no time for it however Brynold and Ljung added humour to their routine to get their act over especially with one David Walliams. Obviously with magic acts it’s all about the trick they decide to perform on the night however this pair have already got TV experience having performed on Penn and Teller’s ITV show so they at least know what the score is. I just feel it’s hard for magic acts to connect with the audience in the same way as singers and dancers do however maybe people are sick of those kind of acts so this magic pair may make the final three.

5. Sugar Dandies (Dancers)
‘You Raise Me Up’ was taken quite literally by this male pair who in my opinion were both talented and heart-warming. However I don’t think ballroom dancing connects with an audience when up against street-dancers, singers and dogs. The partners clearly love each and other and are good at what they do but I don’t think a place in the final is in their sights.

6. B Minor (Girl Group)
The curse of the montage strikes again for this girl group who actually sounded fairly strong with their harmonies but weren’t given enough time to shine in the edit. Like a lot of the filler singing acts this week, for example Rachel or Honey, the girls will get average comments and won’t make the top three even if they’re absolutely fantastic.

7. Beatrix Von Bourbon (Burlesque)
Something for the dads now as Simon Cowell tries to prove his masculinity by drooling all over the woman he wants to be the British answer to Dita Von Teese. Beatrix seemed good at what she did do but most of what she did do involved taking her clothes off and provoking outraged people with too much time on their hands to contact Ofcom. So in summary good for her for doing the burlesque stuff but it won’t get votes from those who matter namely the female audience at home.

8. Gatis Kandis (Comedian)
Like Graham the organist, Gatis is more entertaining than his act which is actually comedy where people laugh at him rather than with him. This Latvian native was the last act shown in the audition shows and charmed the panel with his rubbish comic timing but endearing spirit though there was no mention made of his audition attempt last year in which he rapped badly to the response of three resounding nos. I feel Gatis will get at least one buzzer come semi-final night despite getting some big laughs for all the wrong reasons.

9. Chica Latina (Singer)
To be honest I just didn’t get this act other than the fact that she cheered Simon up with her very bad version of a Tina Turner song but I feel she’s missed a trick because she should’ve called herself Latina Turner. I feel there will be plenty of bells and whistles applied to make her look better than she is but I’m just disappointed that a singer of her limited abilities made it through over more talented crooners such as Chelsea Redfern.

Are you looking forward to Wednesday’s semi-final? What do you think of my predictions? Leave Your Comments Below.