Britain’s Got Talent: Semi-Final One Predictions – Only Boys Aloud, Ashleigh and Pudsey, United We Stand (UWS) to shine?

by Matt D

Are you ready for a week full of Britain’s Got Talent? Well we’ve already got to semi-final week and its time to make my predictions about how well I think the acts in each semi-final will do kicking off with Sunday night’s edition. Though before I get started this is based on how much of a chance I think the acts have of getting through to the final rather than how talented I think they are.

1. Only Boys Aloud (Male Voice Choir)
With choirs being the in-thing at the moment it was fortuitous for Simon that this 133-strong teenage male voice group auditioned so he could possibly have some competi-tion to put up against those pesky military wives. That’s not putting anything against this group from the Welsh Valleys, an offshoot of Only Men Aloud who won Last Choir Standing in 2008, as they really sang brilliantly in their audition gaining a standing ovation from both the audience and the judges. I can see Only Boys Aloud topping the first phone vote as I feel they have a broad appeal especially among the more mature members of the public who tend to vote in their droves. This is also an act that I can logically see performing at the Royal Variety and having a major career following the show.

2. Ashleigh and Pudsey (Dog Act)
After an over-abundance of dog acts last year this time around there was only one stand-out namely 16 year old Ashleigh and her dog Pudsey. Arriving on the stage wearing what looked like a home-made cave-girl outfit Ashleigh and her dog performed a brilliant Flintstones inspired routine for which all four judges stood up to clap. Though dog acts don’t have as much longevity, I think that the closeness of the pair coupled with the talent that they possess will appeal to those who vote for the show. It just remains to be seen what they have in the bag for the semi-finals.

3. UWS (Street Dance)
The next few were harder to call but going by the ‘street-dance groups tend to do quite well’ rule I’ve put United We Stand quite high up. Not only did they have an entertaining and varied routine but they also had Louis Walsh’s favourite quality – likeability. Though not quite as breath-taking as Diversity, United We Stand still had something fairly special about them which I think may get them a least a chance to get into the final.

4. Lauren Thalia (Singer/Guitarist)
I still don’t know how to take Lauren, the 12 year old who sung Soulja Boy’s ‘Turn My Swag On’, as most of us were so bowled over by the shock of her song choice. I do think her success in the semi-final does depend on what song she chooses to sing and I would also suggest she play the same guitar as it added a certain novelty to her overall look. Though there will be more concentration on her performance as a whole, I think she’s still got the cuteness factor which may give her a chance to get into the vote off.

5. Rachel Knowland (Singer)
Now I quite liked Rachel but she got the indignity of being part of a montage before the woeful Like Mother, Like Daughter. Her rendition of VV Brown’s Shark in the Water sounded both soulful and relevant not something you can say of a lot of the performances on Britain’s Got Talent. The fact is though that she wasn’t given any intro package so the public hasn’t really go to know her before the semi-finals. There’s a small chance that she could impress so much that the public will fall in love with her but unfortunately I doubt it and I think she would’ve done better on The X-Factor or The Voice.

6. Sugar Dandies [Bradley and Soren] (Ballroom Dancers)
‘You Raise Me Up’ was taken quite literally by this male pair who in my opinion were both talented and heart-warming. However I don’t think ballroom dancing connects with an audience when up against street-dancers, singers and dogs. The partners clearly love each and other and are good at what they do but I don’t think a place in the final is in their sights.

7. Jive Aces (Jive Band)
I think that if you’re featured as part of a montage then you’ve got no chance of progressing further than the semi-finals. In the case of The Jive Aces that’s a shame as when they briefly appeared singing ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ I found them very entertaining as well as fairly different from a lot of the other musical acts in the competition. Hopefully they will at least get some more interest from the public following their semi-final appearance.

8. Analiza Ching (Violinist)
Similarly sexy violinist Analiza Ching was briefly seen vigorously plucking her fiddle with Ant and Dec salivating at her from the wings. This will be an interesting filler act in the semi-finals but nothing more.

9. Zipparah Tafari AKA Mr Zip (Rapper)
Now don’t get me wrong I found ‘Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone?’ as entertaining as everyone else even when it gone stuck in my head. However I don’t think any of us need to hear the same thing over again but Mr Zip is in a Catch-22 situation as if he doesn’t perform the same song again it may alienate the audience. In fact he may need that phone to call a cab when he is the only act of the night to get any buzzers.